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Campus Police officers were dispatched to Centennial Hall on Feb. 7 at 1:50 p.m. after two residents reported that a white, blonde female had trespassed in their room. One of the residents told the officers that she woke up to find the blonde urinating on the floor. Afterward, the blonde removed her pants and socks. She then grabbed another pair of pants belonging to one of the residents and put them on.

The resident asked her to leave several times as this went on. After putting on the pants the blonde walked over to the other resident, who was sleeping in her bed, bent over and looked at her before leaving the room. When the police spoke to the blonde, she claimed that she could not get into the bathroom and entered thinking that it was her room.

Neither resident chose to file a complaint and only asked that the blonde simply remove her soiled clothing and return the pants, which the blonde did.


A report of harassment was filed at Campus Police headquarters on Feb. 1. The victim claimed that he was threatened in a Holman Hall computer lab by a male. Campus Police officers found a male who matched the victim’s description sitting on a bench outside of the building. As they approached him they detected the smell of alcohol. The male said he was 21.

He also admitted that he had been drinking brandy.

The officers handcuffed him for drinking in a public place and searched him, revealing a half-full bottle of Leroux Blackberry Brandy. The accused claimed that he threatened the victim because he was staring at him. When he noticed the victim staring, he said, “What are you looking at? We can go outside.”

The victim claimed that the accused threatened to punch him in the face and that the reason he was staring was because the accused was playing music in his headphones very loudly. The victim also noticed the bottle of brandy and that the entire lab smelled like alcohol.

The accused was charged with consumption of alcoholic beverages in a public place.

There is no further information at this time.


A Community Advisor (CA) called Campus Police on Feb. 2 just before 1 a.m. after one of the residents of Wolfe 2 fell and hit her head after she had been drinking. The officers met with the resident, who said she’d had a few beers.

The CA then revealed that another resident, also female, had been drinking and was in the bathroom vomiting. That resident was escorted to a room to be evaluated. She said she’d had a few beers and half a bottle of vodka.

At that point a male resident also admitted that he’d had a few beers.

Lions’ EMS arrived and took the resident who had hit her head to the hospital. All three were issued summons for underage possession of alcoholic beverages.


A male reported a hit-and-run on Feb. 1. He left his vehicle that day at 12:20 p.m. and returned at 4 p.m. When he returned, he discovered that his front driver’s side turn signal lens had been broken. There were clear plastic fragments on the ground under the bumper.

There is no further information at this time.

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