Why wait? Procrastinate!

Each week, we’ll be profiling five different ways to waste your time. They’ll range from videos and online games to physical activities and ways to decorate your room.

1. Watch ABBA’s “Take A Chance on Me” on YouTube. Watch out for imposters, though; there are some live versions and spoofs that aren’t as ridiculously bad. Go to youtube.com/watch?v=1LJrmMtTJ4k and check out one of the most popular music videos from the 1970s. Then take a minute to be grateful for modern gems like “Fergilicious.”

2. Play Hangaroo at miniclip.com/hangaroo. Use your college education to try to save a trash-talking kangaroo by guessing words from obscure categories like “Miss America Winners.”

3. Print out ridiculous photos and decorate your door. Just because it’s already the spring semester doesn’t mean you can’t jazz up your door. It’s always fun to walk to your room and discover someone standing in front of it staring intently. The more unusual and funny things you put up there, the more likely you are to open your door and smack it into someone’s forehead.

4. Play pool/arcade games in Brower Student Center. You pass the tables all the time and probably don’t even give them a second thought. There are arcade games there, too, you know. Spend some time getting acquainted with this social way to waste time, or be a loner and play video games outside of your room for once. Maybe you’ll make your first college (non-Facebook) friend.

5. Sleep. There’s no better way to kill an hour or three by crashing on your bed, ideally with the reading assignment for your next class nestled under your cheek.

How do you procrastinate?

Waste some more time by e-mailing us at signal@tcnj.edu with your favorite ways to avoid being productive.