‘I do’: SFB provides full funding for PRISM’s Gay Wedding 2007

The Student Finance Board (SFB) fully funded two upcoming events by PRISM and Circle K at its Wednesday meeting.

President Angel Hernandez, Treasurer Allison Blue and Advocacy Chairman Julie Bergman of PRISM presented their request for $375 for a Feb. 22 annual event – Love is Love: TCNJ Gay Wedding 2007.

The event, which “in light of the political things going on in New Jersey,” aims to symbolize the need for equality in terms of marriage rights, Bergman said.

Funding will go toward refreshments, utensils and decorations.

Hernandez said that since PRISM members have used press releases to gather media involvement and have sent invitations to Rider University and Princeton University, they want the event to look as professional and official as possible.

The symbolic wedding is scheduled to include four couples – one heterosexual, one gay, one lesbian and one transgendered – in order to show that “love is love and we’re demonstrating the different forms of love,” according to Hernandez.

“They’re asking nothing too extravagant,” Steven Oliveira, SFB financial director, said, “especially given (the event’s) past success.”

He then motioned for full funding. The motion was passed by a 7-0-3 vote.

The presentation by Circle K, made by President Christine Ng and Treasurer Jessica Ovadia, concerned District Service Day.

SFB allocated the requested $133.30 for the event, scheduled for Feb. 27. The event will host Circle K clubs from all over New Jersey, as well as other charities.

The funding was required for gathering supplies to create decorations and gifts for children in the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, donations and bandanas for the Ewing Animal Shelter and utensils for refreshments.

Circle K presenters explained that since the event is being run by the College’s Circle K, it was responsible for supplying the materials for the visiting clubs and volunteers.

After the presentation, SFB agreed that the event was worth full funding, due in part to the fact that Circle K is expecting a turnout of about 60 people.

“I think it sounds like a good request, not too much money,” Terence Grado, SFB executive assistant, said.

Administrative director Erica Klazmer motioned for full funding, which was passed unanimously.

SFB, which prior to the meeting had a total balance of $123,723.59, allocated a total of $508.30.