April 2, 2020

We may feel scammed, but Oprah sure doesn’t

January 25, 2006 Nancy Sai 0

The man who kept Oprah Winfrey “awake at night” is now the man who scammed us all.

On her Oct. 26 show, Winfrey added James Frey’s memoir “A Million Little Pieces” to her book club list, proclaiming it is “like nothing you ever read before.”

But a recent investigation by theSmokingGun. […]

Sophomore album shows its old-school roots

January 25, 2006 Monique Reuben 0

It looks like Jamie Foxx has more than just Oscar on the brain with the release of his new album, “Unpredictable.”

The highly anticipated album, released just over a month ago, is a solid record for a man who is fairly new to the R&B game.

Although the album is a follow-up to his 1994 debut, “Peep This,” college-age listeners are more familiar with Foxx the actor. […]

WTSR: Opening your mind since 1966

January 25, 2006 Matt Stambaugh 0

The College’s radio station, WTSR, kicked off its 40th anniversary bash with a two-hour live broadcast from Brower Student Center on Monday.

Students gathered in the Brower atrium for free drinks and cake as they listened to the station’s popular modern rock mix, which broadcasts on the frequency 91. […]

Time is of the essence in 24-hour play festival

January 25, 2006 Katelyn McCormick 0

For college students, sleep is rarely a priority.

And on Friday, about 70 students at the College will put their insomniac mettle to the test during WIRED, a 24-hour theater festival in which students write, rehearse and perform six original plays.

The event culminates in a performance of all six plays on Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Travers-Wolfe main lounge. […]

New exhibit displays diversity in art world

January 25, 2006 Josh Page 0

For art fans with a flair for the eclectic, a new exhibit at the College Art Gallery features prints from a variety of media.

On Jan. 18, the art gallery, located in Holman Hall, premiered National Printmaking ’06. The exhibit took over 200 submissions from all over the country, from which a juror chose the top 50 pieces for display. […]


January 25, 2006 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Fire Exit Fiasco

I am writing to report an experience I recently had at T/W that I believe exemplifies the fundamental flaws of the Residence Life leadership, particularly when it comes to dealing with emergency situations.

When I walked through the back doors of T/W, I heard a new-sounding alarm – not the typical high-pitched shriek, but a calm man’s voice saying “please exit the building.” […]

The old switcheroo

January 25, 2006 Kelly Meisberger 0

As a graduating senior with nearly all my requirements checked off, this should have been the best semester ever. And it started that way. Twelve credits, two of them electives, I was looking to breeze by to graduation. And then last Tuesday happened.

Yes, last Tuesday, as in the day before classes began. […]

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