March 29, 2020

Night walk brings concerns to light

A group of about 14, made up of students, Campus Police officers, Brian Webb, risk manager for Administrative and Environmental Services, and Thomas Hasty, head grounds worker, probed the campus for an hour-and-a-half the night of Thursday, Nov. 30 for any safety issues they could find. SGA’s Night Walk, originally planned to take place in March, was finally underway.

The idea of a Night Walk was first proposed by Laurie Mandara, the senior and SGA member who passed away earlier this semester, and was to have taken place around March, but was delayed due to John Fiocco’s disappearance.

“I realized that Campus Police was deployed all over campus and had their hands full,” Jim Gant, executive vice president of SGA, said. As a result, Beth Paul, interim provost, suggested that SGA delay the event until the fall.

Gant, the SGA liaison to Campus Police, organized and led the walk along with the Administration and Finance committee.

“Campus Police got involved after I spoke to Kathy Leverton and the Campus Police leadership,” Gant said. “I thank Campus Police leadership for coming out; they were extremely helpful.”

“SGA has always been an active part of advocating for student safety,” Michael Levy, vice president of Administration and Finance, said.

The group looked for issues like lights that had gone out or were blocked by foliage that could conceal attackers. The campus was broken into six sections, which were covered by teams of two or more. Gant handed each team sheets of paper, which participants filled with any safety issues they found while patrolling.

Gant plans to compile and submit all the information collected and send it to the relevant departments.

“The only potential safety issues we found were several lights that were out around campus,” Levy said.

Levy also mentioned that safety mirrors will be placed in all the parking structures. “When you turn the corners around the decks, specifically Lot 6, there is little to no visibility,” Levy said.

“I absolutely accomplished what I had hoped,” Gant said.

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