Let that spy who loves you be your date to ‘Formal 007’

Nest semester’s formal presents a great opportunity for the College’s students to enjoy themselves. In honor of the New Year and the introduction of the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, the event is themed “Formal 007” and is a classy way to kick off the Spring semester. The $35 per person admission includes dinner, and for an additional $5 students can take a shuttle bus to and from the dance.

The formal will be held on Friday, Feb. 2 from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at Kings Caterers in Bristol, Pa., about 30 minutes from the College. Last year, the formal’s attendance was over 300, and the committee is expecting an equally good turnout this year.

Part of the admission price will be donated to The Sunshine Foundation, a charity organization that specializes in enhancing the lives of sick and disabled children. The fund provides necessary equipment and learning aids to children who would otherwise not be able to afford the proper care.

“It’s a good way to give back,” Brittany Thomas, senior elementary education/psychology major and president of the College’s Formal Committee, said. The committee raised over $800 in donations for the charity last year and is hoping to make yet another sizable donation for the upcoming semester.

The event requires only semi-formal attire, so students who want to attend can skip the high maintenance overload that is sometimes associated with school dances. However, there is plenty of room for variety. Gentlemen are free to sport a simple shirt and tie, or they can opt for a classy suit jacket.

Ladies are welcome to wear anything from cocktail dresses to floor-length gowns. For anyone who once upon a time had to have that expensive prom dress and only got to wear it once, by all means this is the time to break it out again.

There is no date requirement so students should feel free to go in couples, with friends or solo without any pressure.

“In past years I’ve gone with friends and I’ve honestly never had a better time. It’s such a relief to skip all the drama that comes along with needing to have a date. My only regret is that I didn’t know about it my freshman year, so it would be good to spread the word around,” April Drumm, senior psychology major, said.

The best part about the event is that the formal is not affiliated with any organization on campus so it is open to all. “You don’t need to belong to Greek life or a sports team to attend; the more people that come the better it is,” Thomas said.

The myth that the committee is trying to dispel is that this is high school prom part two. So if you remember your prom as a bunch of pricey limos, awkward dates and bad techno music, there is no fear of reliving it.

“The first year I went with my girlfriend mainly because it was important to her but I had so much fun that I’ve gone every year since then. It’s an all-around good time,” Steve Turrise, junior interactive multimedia major, said.

For the most part, you can go as over-the-top or as conservatively as you want because the formal is what you make of it. This year everyone should come to eat, dance and be merry for a night not soon to be forgotten. E-mail formal@tcnj.edu or visit tcnj.edu/~formal for more information about ticket sales and other details concerning the event.