Ask Kayy

In case you weren’t titillated and aroused enough by last week’s column, here is part deux of Kayy’s smokin’ hot kinky sex tips list.

6) Pleasure Pack: Mint tingle, twisted pleasure, shared pleasure, pleasure for her, warming, flavored, magnum, colored, studded and striped. Today, there seems to be a different condom for every day of the year. Which is extraordinary! Trojan actually just put out a new line of products called “Elexa” that is made especially for women. Since the safest way to have sex besides masturbation is by using a condom in addition to oral contraceptives, you should be using condoms anyway. Why not use fun ones?

7) Food for thought: I never really saw the draw to bringing food into the bedroom, especially when there are so many safe, tasty products suited especially for the body. But you should be fine as long as you don’t pull a George Costanza and start getting confused about the difference between being hungry and horny. Whipped cream, chocolate syrup and strawberries are classics for a reason, but trying out other foods could be a good time as well. Just make sure neither of you are allergic and that you clean yourself off to avoid stickiness or rashes.

8) RPGs aren’t just for your Playstation! Role-playing and acting out fantasies are some of the most erotic ways to get started . or finish up. My only problem with role-playing is that it often reflects annoying gender stereotypes (Captain Hook and pirate wench, doctor and nurse, etc). But hey – as long as it’s consensual, why not? Just keep in mind that fantasies are fantasies and not real (don’t get carried away).

9) Change positions, new positions: An obvious category. I won’t draw you any sketches, but pick up a book on Kama Sutra or sexual positions – it has the potential to change your sex life forever. Remember, the best positions don’t have to be the back-bended, neck-extended, leg-twisting, prop-assisting ones named after machinery or exotic countries that you read about in Cosmopolitan. However, missionary and doggie style are not the only manageable ones out there.

10) The Great Outdoors . and Indoors: I’ve already told you to try doing sex in different ways, with different toys, saying different things and in different lightings. Now’s the most fun part: doing it in different places! I’m pretty sure there’s some exhibitionist in all of us – even if we stifle it or ignore it – and the best way to express that is by having sex in a slightly dangerous place. I don’t mean in the library or Science Complex fountain, although that would be pretty hot.

But places like your kitchen, in the woods, on the beach, on a mountain . of course if you’re more adventurous you could try a hotel parking lot, back porch, secluded side street or a bathroom, but we’ll save that for the experts. There’s definitely something to be said about a bit of danger, or the rush of the outdoors, but be smart about it.

Although sex isn’t just for the bedroom or bathtub, it’s also not cool to expose other unwilling parties to your adventure. In fact, it can even be criminal in some cases. So find a happy medium between safe and fun and live out your fantasies.

I really hope this column has inspired my readers to try something new, exciting and fun. Remember, not all sex has to be mind-blowing, but why not strive for fireworks? Make sure every step of the way is consensual and erotic. Make sure you and your partner are both as comfortable as possible the whole time. Try what you think will feel good, not what other people will think or judge you on. Sometimes I think the greatest sex is only considered taboo because if we did it all the time, nothing would get accomplished in this world.

Why don’t we set society back a few decades?