SFB gets medieval

Only two requests were on the agenda for this week’s Student Finance Board (SFB) meeting – a multicultural request and one special appropriations request – both of which were approved.

Order of the Golden Lion (OGL) made a special appropriations request of $792.50 for its main event of the semester, the Feast of the Travellor. Ryan Biczo, treasurer of OGL, and Christine Clear, president of OGL, presented their request.

The feast, which is to be held in the Cromwell Main Lounge, was established to spread awareness about medieval culture. It would feature a variety of foods, including beef and vegetable stews, honey butter and medieval desserts. The group received good feedback last year, but this year they “want a lot more student involvement,” Clear said.

Students and non-students are invited to this free event.

Scheduled to precede the feast is medieval fighting on the lawn outside Cromwell.

The original request included money for food, decorations, cooking supplies and publicity.

SFB junior representative Eddie Matthews made a motion to fully fund OGL’s request without the $100 allotted for cooking supplies. Matthews also suggested charging non-students $3 to cover the cost of the cooking supplies.

The motion for funding of $692.50 passed in a 9-5 vote.

The other request made this week was a multicultural request by the French Club for $650.

Monica Fajardo, French Club president, and Lisa Dougherty- Choux, treasurer, presented a request for a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

On Nov. 12, the French Club plans to attend a special exhibition at the museum featuring the work of 19th-century American artists who lived in Paris. There will also be an optional dinner at a French restaurant following the exhibit.

This trip is open to the entire campus and the French Club already has 40 people signed up through word of mouth and French Club meetings. Tickets are available for $15 each.

Blair Gumnic, Student Government Association representative for SFB, said this trip “is part of the French Club mission” to promote the French culture and language to the College community and is a great idea for a social event.

The French Club discovered tickets for the exhibit were more expensive than originally thought, so the total amount requested went from $530 to $650 before SFB made a motion for full funding, which was passed unanimously.