Racial slur found on Decker wall

A Community Advisor (CA) on patrol on Decker Hall’s fourth floor discovered the words “I hate niggers” written in permanent marker on a wall mural depicting the Nigerian flag. The CA called Campus Police and explained upon officers’ arrival that the incident must have occurred between his rove the night before and 8:35 that night.

Campus Police officers instructed the CA to remove the writing and proceeded to write up the incident as a bias intimidations incident.

There is no further information at this time.


Campus Police officers were dispatched to the second floor of Decker Hall at 10:50 a.m. on Oct. 14 after a CA reported an intoxicated male. When officers arrived, the CA explained that she had seen a male resident stumble into his room. She also showed the officers broken glass on the floor outside his room.

The officers knocked on the resident’s door. The suspect’s roommate answered the door.

The officers saw that the roommate’s eyes were bloodshot, and asked if he had been drinking, to which he said yes. The officers also saw the first suspect sleeping in the room.

The officers instructed the roommate to wake up the suspect.

As the suspect got up, he nearly fell down as he attempted to produce identification. He was instructed to sit until Lions’ EMS arrived to assess him.

At this point, a third student entered the room from the bathroom. After questioning, the students explained that they had all shared a bottle of vodka the night before, which had broken in the hallway when they tried to throw it into the trash chute.

When Lions’ EMS arrived, it decided only the first suspect would need to be transported to a hospital. All three students were issued summonses for underage possession of alcoholic beverages.

There is no further information at this time.


After a report of arson, Campus Police officers were dispatched to Eickhoff Hall at 1:20 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14. Upon arrival, the officers met with the Assistant Residence Director (ARD), who said that someone lit a roll of toilet paper on fire in the first floor men’s restroom.

The first person to discover this fact was a Building Services employee, who said she walked in, smelled smoke and ran out saying she needed water.

The ARD heard her, went into the men’s restroom and saw a roll of toilet paper, on fire in its dispenser. He grabbed the roll, put it in the sink and turned on the water. There was no damage to the stall, and the fire was so small that it didn’t set off the fire alarm.

There is no further information at this time.


On Tuesday, Oct. 24, a Campus Police officer spotted a vehicle traveling eastbound on Metzger Drive South without its front license plate.

The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, activating his patrol car’s strobe lights near Lot 8, but the vehicle showed no signs of stopping and turned right out of the rear entrance onto Green Lane.

The officer followed the vehicle out, sounding his horn siren, but the vehicle continued to move, turning left onto Rhodes Avenue and subsequently onto King Avenue, where the driver pulled the vehicle into a driveway.

When questioned, the driver explained that he didn’t realize the sirens were meant for him, and that he was distracted by his conversation with his passenger.

A DMV records check revealed that the driver had active arrest warrants out of Linden and South Brunswick.

The driver was taken to Ewing Township Municipal Court, where he posted the $650 bail for the two warrants. He was then issued a summons for contempt of court and released.

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