Students can share their words at SRS

The power of the word never ceases to amaze people, not only around this campus but around the world as well. The opportunity to express one’s intellectual thoughts or innermost angst can be fulfilled right on this campus through the Student Reading Series (SRS).

“(SRS) is a very special event because not only do students get to share their work and gain experience reading to an audience, but those who attend can see what their friends and classmates are working on outside of class,” Melissa Kvidahl, senior English major and president of ‘ink,’ said.

Another member of ‘ink,’ junior psychology major Lindsay Coleman, said, “I would encourage anyone interested in creative writing or entertainment to come to (SRS) and enjoy the intellectual and creative talents of writers in our college community.”

‘Ink’ is an organization for student writers on campus that organizes literary events throughout the year. Other events ‘ink’ has held include the Visiting Writers Series (VWS) and The Goods, a daylong event in which student writers, performers and even bands showcase their talents at the Rathskellar.

This year, three students in Catie Rosemurgy’s creative writing class, Writing Communities, are bringing together aspiring writers at the College. Junior English majors Alanna Jamieson and Gina McGrath, along with sophomore criminology and justice studies major Rosalyn Bocker, are coordinating this year’s SRS as an independent project for the class.

“Students volunteer to read original literature to an audience, and the whole atmosphere fosters appreciation for their efforts and talents as writers. The talent that comes out is always so impressive,” Jamieson said. “It will be quite intriguing to hear students our own age share their creativity.”

SRS is held three times each semester. This semester, the series is scheduled for the following dates: Oct. 16 in Room 202 East of Brower Student Center and Nov. 15 and Dec. 6 in the New Library Auditorium. All readings start at 8 p.m. and the events are open to the public.

To apply to read, students can pick up applications outside of Rosemurgy’s office in Bliss Hall 221. She is the advisor of ‘ink’ and an assistant professor who teaches courses in creative writing and poetry. Her enthusiasm and passion for the importance of sharing students’ work is evident. She believes that student readings are a forum for entertainment and self-expression, but that they also serve as a great learning experience. “Often times we learn best from our peers – they challenge us to raise the bar, try harder and try more things,” Rosemurgy said.

There are different deadlines for each reading. Although the first deadline has passed, students can still apply for the last two readings of the semester. The deadline is Nov. 3 for the second reading and Nov. 24 for the third reading. How amazing would it be, as Rosemurgy put it, “to come away inspired, not necessarily to write but to be creative and engaged in whatever way seems most fitting”?

Above all, the SRS, along with VWS and The Goods, are all opportunities to be immersed in pieces of art.

“Come see these events. Even if you don’t write. Even if you are not interested in reading yourself. Come see what the people around you are creating between classes,” Bocker said. “You will be amazed.”