Renewed Sodexho contract released to students at last

Carte Blanche plan A was planned to increase from $2,800 per year to $2,912 per year. Plan B was set to raise from $2,600 to $2,704 per year and plan C from $2,266 to $2,356 per year. Plans A, B and C cost $2,926, $2,717 and $2,368, respectively.

The cost of casual dining in Eickhoff Hall was also determined in the contract, according to addendum nine. For FY06, dinner was scheduled to increase from $6.50 to $6.75. Currently, dinner costs $7.

In a Sept. 20 Signal article, Steve Hugg, director of Marketing and Business Development for Sodexho, said that price increases are a result of several different factors.

“During the summer,” Hugg said in the article, “we review our retail product mix and prices and make increases as necessary to meet our budget. We get delivery surcharges, gas prices have gone up since Katrina and, as a result, food prices have gone up. These things contribute to our costs.”

Addendum 11 of the contract also outlined the commission the College receives from Sodexho. According to the addendum, “the College shall receive 7.46 percent commission on all points plans, Carte Blanche plans, cash, Gold Club, catering conference and summer camp sales for FY06 and FY07 . The commission rate shall be increased to 7.96 percent for FY08.”

In addition to guidelines for the quality of food served in the dining halls, the proposal says that “(Sodexho) can and will post all nutritional and statistical information regarding our menu items.”

However, in an Oct. 4 Signal article, Sodexho general manager John Higgins said some nutritional information is not displayed because Sodexho uses a database that contains both its recipes and nutritional information.

Some recipes, Higgins said, do not have corresponding nutritional information in the database.

In the RFP the College asks for “a minimum yearly commission of 12 percent on all net sales.”

The proposal section of the contract also includes sanitation guidelines and specifications as to how food should be prepared, the grade of eggs, acceptable varieties of bread and expectations for dairy products.

In the RFP, Sodexho outlined its health and safety regulations and food preparation standards. It also included menus and pricing proposals.