Rugby team takes hard hit – thanks, mom!

Word got out last week that the men’s club rugby team had violated the behavioral code at the College. The consequence is two weeks of suspension – Sept. 19 until Oct. 3 – from any group activity.

“Members of the rugby team had violated campus behavior policies and were supsended for two weeks,” Matt Golden, director of Communications and Media Relations, said.

Golden also said the team cannot use the athletic compolex for games or practices during its suspension.

“Somebody’s mom stole the e-mail about (the team) having a drinking thing after a game,” a member of the rugby team who chose to remain anonymous said. “It got back to the person in charge of club sports, so we got suspended from games and practices for two weeks all because they found out we were going to have a drinking thing after a game.”

It gets worse for the club, who had to cancel a contest against Princeton University. Because of the cancellation, the Lions run the risk of losing their NCAA Division I status.

“It really sucked because we are trying to have a good season so that we could stay in D-I,” the rugby team member said. “If we have to forfeit in D-I, we might have to be D-II next semester. Luckily, (the suspension) was just for two weeks; it could have been a lot worse.”

Worried about word getting out, the team was hesitant to give any information about the situation.

According to the rugby team member, the team, and probably all other club teams, will change the way it sends information to organization members.

“I’m sure it will be different now, not really sending out e-mails and stuff; it will definitely change,” the rugby team member said. “It wasn’t so bad because we had (no game) this week, but at the same time it sucks that we can’t do anything organized because in the next game we are going to be out of it.”

The rugby team member continued to explain how this may affect the rugby team and other club sports teams on campus.

“We will have to be more careful in the future, especially with the College cracking down as it is. If another team gets caught, it will be worse. We aren’t going to take any chances; we’re not allowed to do anything organized at all.”

Currently, club sport teams are required to sign a code of conduct brought forth from the College.

The code of conduct outlaws “use, distribution, or possession of alcoholic beverages while a member of an official traveling party of a (College) team is competing at an intercollegiate event.”

All members are required to sign the code of conduct or they will be prohibited from playing.