Parking ticket fines rise across campus

Students with cars are reeling this year as they adjust to the increase in parking ticket fines, in some cases by as much as $150.

Some students, such as Keithe Saclayan, sophomore biology major, speculated that the increases are from “a desperation for funds,” in reference to the College’s budget problems.

However, according to Brian Webb, risk manager for Administrative and Environmental Services, the increase in ticket fines is a result of a study into the fines charged by other colleges, mirroring their costs.

The severity of certain offenses was also taken into consideration. For example, the penalty for parking in a fire zone, which Webb called “a serious safety concern,” doubled from $50 last year to $100.

The revenue generated from tickets goes to a number of places, like maintenance of the parking facilities. The money also goes toward the parking debt service, a fund for previous parking facilities construction.

“Each year a certain amount is required to pay the debt service, which is paid by the College regardless of the amount received through other revenue sources, such as parking citations,” Webb said.

Ultimately, the treasurer’s office decides what to do with the funds, with advice from the vice president for Facilities Management, Construction and Campus Safety.

Sudents have dealt with a rise in issued tickets this year. After having parked in front of New Residence Hall to drop off groceries, Mike Merkowsky, sophomore biology major, returned to his car to see an officer writing him a $50 ticket for obstruction of traffic. “I think the increased prices are bullshit,” he said.

To Saclayan, who was ticketed an hour after the grace period for parking without a decal and then received two more tickets while obtaining the decal, the increased fines only add to her frustration. She managed to successfully appeal the latter two tickets.

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