Not all movies are blockbusters; don’t hesitate to search

As a slave to Blockbuster this summer, I got to know some of the best and worst movies overlooked by the casual renter.

Next time you want to make it a Blockbuster night, check out some of these less-than-famous titles:

“Find Me Guilty”

Directed by: Sidney Lumet

Starring: Vin Diesel

I know what you’re thinking – Vin Diesel? Must be a crappy action movie. Don’t be too quick to judge. Diesel delivers in this comedy directed by Lumet. It’s based on the true story of Jack DiNorscio, a mobster who defends himself in the longest mafia trial in U.S. history. It’s clever, it’s witty and Diesel has hair. What’s not to love? Word to the wise: the extras are awful.

“On a Clear Day”

Directed by: Gaby Dellal

Starring: Peter Mullan, Billy Boyd

A U.K. film from Focus Features, it is the story of a 55-year-old man who tries to swim the English Channel. Sounds a bit boring, but it is actually quite refreshing and charming. He tries to find himself and make peace with his child and his past.

Despite what seems a heavy plot, it’s funny. And it’s got a hobbit. The funniest hobbit.

“Bride & Prejudice”

Directed by: Gurinder Chadha

Starring: Aishwarya Rai, Martin Henderson

With a cast almost entirely from India, the Jane Austen story “Pride and Prejudice” is reconfigured. The strangest part is that they break out into song, from modern to traditional to 50s style “Grease”-like songs. It is unusual, but give it a shot. It’s corny, but fun.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Directed by: Shane Black

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer

Directed by the same goofball who brought you the “Lethal Weapon” movies, Black delivers great jokes, action and overuse of the f-word. A private eye and a struggling thief/actor join forces to solve the mystery of a woman’s death. Set in Hollywood, the film follows Harry Lockhart (Downey Jr.) through murder, mayhem and blustering blunders.

If you feel like taking a chance on a title you don’t know, steer clear of these snoozers:

“Winter Passing”

Directed by: Adam Rapp

Starring: Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferrell, Ed Harris

This is by far the most boring and depressing movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t be misled by the famously funny cast – this put me to sleep in less than an hour. It’s the story of a girl (Deschanel) who is down on her luck and goes home to find letters her once famous dad (Harris) wrote so she could sell them to a paper. She finds that basically her dad has gone crazy. Not even Ferrell can save this.

“Something New”

Directed by: Sanaa Hamri

Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Blair Underwood

I was really looking forward to renting this. It’s a love story between a woman and man who come from different backgrounds and races. Yes, there are a few laughs, but the story is cheesy as hell. And completely predictable. It is so predictable that it takes the fun out of the story.

“Beowulf & Grendel”

Directed by: Sturla Gunnarsson

Starring: Gerard Butler, Sarah Polley

This is a movie you know has to be bad when you pick up the box. Yet, you rent it anyway, thinking it may have some redeeming qualities. This one doesn’t. Sex with trolls, mumbling and grumbling acting and the most ridiculous dialogue you’ve ever heard. If you like the story of Beowulf, keep on walking. There is nothing for you here.