IGC presentation receives full funding

The Student Finance Board (SFB) had its first major disagreement of the year over whether to fund an Inter-Greek Council (IGC) leadership presentation, which eventually received full funding. It also passed a multicultural request and elected its senior representative.

Elizabeth Galetz, senior nursing major and treasurer for IGC, presented a lecture series request of $3,500 for Michael Poll, a 14-year veteran of motivational speaking.

As part of the presentation entitled “Selling Your Greek Experience After Graduation,” each fraternity and sorority on campus would be required to send at least five to 10 representatives from its chapter.

While Poll would be the concentration of the program, other student groups would have booths set up to discuss other issues related to leadership. In addition, Poll would distribute a copy of his latest book to Greeks.

Though the lecture is focused toward Greeks, it would be open to everyone. For example, IGC said ambassadors from the Leadership Development Program would be in attendance to learn more about leadership.

Eddie Matthews, SFB junior representative and IGC vice president of rush and membership development, said the lecture would be beneficial for students because “what you take from a Greek organization can be helpful in the future.”

The vote for full funding was 6-6, so the motion failed. Before the next motion was made, Jon Borst, SFB executive director, said that “SFB is a way to contribute to Greek life on campus.”

His comment was followed by a motion for zero funding, which ended in another 6-6 vote.

Steven Oliveira, SFB financial director, made a motion to allocate $1,750 to IGC, half of what was requested.

Borst said SFB was “setting a precedent” by suggesting half funding for IGC because SFB usually funds IGC fully.

This motion also failed because many members thought it would be better for IGC to receive full funding for another speaker rather than half funding for this speaker.

The only motion that passed was a unanimous vote to table IGC’s request until next week.

However, after the meeting, Borst and Terence Grado, SFB executive assistant, met with IGC.

“The lecture was presented as specifically for Greeks (during the meeting),” Borst said. “However, after reviewing the Web site, the lecture that actually will be presented is leadership-oriented and is not for purely networking/r?sum? building reasons.”

In light of the new information, Borst said, the board voted to fully allocate the $3,500 IGC requested.

Though SFB experienced some disagreement, it decided to fully fund the Hillel/Jewish Student Union’s (JSU) trip to see “Chicago” at the Ambassador Theater in New York City on Nov. 12. JSU asked for $203.14 in a multicultural request to cover half the cost of transportation. According to JSU officers, this activity is meant to bring Jewish and non-Jewish students together to enjoy a Broadway play.

SFB also had an election for senior representative and selected Christina Hreha, a marketing major.

Two weeks ago, it announced SFB was looking for a second senior representative. This week, SFB interviewed two applicants for the position. A third applicant, Frank Portugal, a biology and Spanish major, withdrew his application for undisclosed reasons.

Sean Marotta, a philosophy major, ran against Hreha for the position.

Marotta, a writer for The Signal, said he gained much of his knowledge about SFB by covering its meetings for the newspaper. He said that “SFB is kind of like a bank . (it’s) wondering if your group is going to be successful,” and that “SFB is a student government that I think works.”

Hreha said her work experience is her strength, since she has not only worked as marketing director and event coordinator for the College Union Board, but also as a sales representative for Liz Claiborne.

SFB has also started posting fliers for its “UV Coffeehouse Series” program, which provides fun and different activities for students every Friday night in the Travers/Wolfe dining hall.