Ask Kayy

A word of concern,

I have been extremely disappointed with your article in The Signal. It’s incomprehensible why the College permits you to scandalize all these students. Only evil has come out of this world so far, so fornication, incest, seduction, rape and unnatural vices are all OK? Shame on you and your soul. So God and parents are trash for you … and you tell this to the students. You need prayers badly. The College’s priest knows about all this evil going on in this newspaper. We know Satan is loose and desperately trying to seduce students into fornication. Do you know that incontinence is the vice directly opposed to continence? It consists either in the impetuosity or the weakness of a soul which impulsively, and without the counsel of reason, surrenders to evil desires, or after the counsel of reason, is weak and reluctant to accept the judgment of reason. We hope never to see your obscene articles again.

May God bless you and have clemency on your soul one day.

Dear anonymous Kayy-hater,

So, only fornication, incest, seduction, rape and unnatural vices have come out of my column? Would you rather me talk about the rhythm method and abstinence? Because, honestly, that’s not realistic. When last I checked, God gave us free will (not my fault), and if people decide to have sexual relationships, to make love, that is their God-given choice. I’ve never suggested that people should go out and have sex with everybody – in fact, I caution against it in almost every single column. I simply urge people to take care of their minds and bodies, live life with open communication and think before they act. And then I provide them with options and health advice so that they stay safe.

You’re right about one thing. Many people, including young people, do act without the counsel of reason – and that’s where I come in. I never advise people to take my word as Gospel. Instead, I present them with facts, options and a safe way to carry out their decision. My column is more social commentary and interesting observation than it is a guide on how to live your life.

I also have a question for you – what do you deem “unnatural vices”? Carnal desire is one of our primal instincts. How else could we have populated this beautiful planet so quickly after the Flood? In all seriousness, I’d like to hear your definition of “unnatural vices.” If that means bestiality, necrophilia and toe fetishes I’m right there with you, but if it has anything to do with homosexuality, physical pleasure or straying from traditional gender roles, I guess we are mutually sickened by each other’s ideals.

It is the impracticality of certain socially conservative beliefs that keeps women dying from unsafe abortions and gives fuel to the AIDS epidemic fire. Of course, you probably believe these people deserve their fate. But as long as women are being raped, I will be a full supporter of birth control and reproductive rights. If it wasn’t my choice to have sex, I shouldn’t be forced to face the consequences.

Your furious letter states that The Signal and my column create evils, including rape, when in fact I am one of the biggest advocates for sexual assault survivors on this campus. Have you ever held a woman after she has been sexually assaulted? Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone that has been impregnated by a torturer and tried desperately to give them advice without crying? Probably not. I hope few people have to learn that agony.

In fact, you’d be surprised to know that personally, I probably would never have an abortion because of my spiritual and religious beliefs. However, I am white, privileged, middle-class and dating the person I plan on marrying, so getting pregnant wouldn’t be the end of the world. But it’s not my job to tell others that they have to do the same – because I am not them.

You seem to think that your idea of morality should reign over all other people’s. Or maybe not your morality, but that of God. Don’t bother sending me quotes from the Bible, because I won’t read them. The Bible is simply interpretations by human beings, molded and edited and exploited as political propaganda to ruin the lives of those who are un-Christian, “immoral” or female. I have never criticized God, Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Isis or whatever else. Whatever you believe, that’s fine. I do, however, at times reference historical events in which institutions, that may happen to be called churches, have oppressed those who did not deserve it.

The bottom line is, your beliefs are impractical, unrealistic and … sad.

I’m not questioning what you do with your own personal life – sit in a dark room all day for all I care, never experience the miracle of love, and physical love at that (until you get married of course, and realize you know nothing about pleasure and intimacy).

Stay repressed, closed-minded and judgmental for all I care. You can even honestly believe that Eve and all women are the downfall of man because of our “seductive” and evil qualities – because that’s your choice. I just hope you don’t get a book deal.

You seem to read the Bible, but seem to have missed the chapter on free will. You simply cannot comprehend the idea of choice.

Well, of course we’re allowed to choose our path if it’s the same as your choice, and that of God’s. Has God spoken directly to you? If not, I don’t want to hear from you again.

Actually, I’d like to thank you for reminding me that people like you actually exist. It’s good to know not everyone at the College is as liberal and open-minded as me and most of my readers.

The bottom line is, think whatever you want about me, my column and my millions of fornicators. We don’t need your help. Offer your clemency and criticism to someone else, because I have a personal relationship with God that you have nothing to do with.

I have never said God or parents are trash. In fact, they are two very important elements in my life. Fortunately, my God and my parents are beautiful souls who embrace everyone, treat everyone equally and with kindness and have a truly grateful and content outlook on the world. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree (unless it’s picked by Eve, my sister).

If my column bothers you so much, stop reading it. I thank you deeply for saying that my column has such a huge effect on the students of the College, many of which are already fornicating everywhere on campus, without my suggestions of what positions to use. I didn’t realize I was that important.

May God bless you with insight and liberation one day.