New IGC head will keep the kids in check

People may have trouble distinguishing 22-year-old Pamela Mirabelli, the Inter-Greek Council’s (IGC) new fraternity and sorority coordinator, from the students she advises. The former Tri-Sigma and recent graduate of the College was named to the position in July after John Stout, who had held the position in an interim role for the past year, left the College.

“I literally got a call from Tim Asher (associate director of Campus Activities),” Mirabelli said when asked how she was chosen for the job. At the time, Mirabelli was seeking work as a graduate assistant at five different schools. However, Lynette Harris, director of Community Standards, and Asher decided that Mirabelli’s extensive experience with Greek life during her college years made her the one for the job.

Mirabelli, aside from being an active member of Tri-Sigma since Spring 2003, has played roles as its vice president, secretary and philanthropy chair. She also represented her sorority in the Panhellenic Council, and served as the council’s vice president of Standards and Conduct and also as vice president of Recruitment. Mirabelli also found time to serve as a Community Advisor (CA) in Travers Hall.

“I know all the stuff in Greek life from being in it and holding all these positions,” Mirabelli said.

“As a former member of this community, I believe that Pam will have a great impact on the IGC community,” Harris said via e-mail. “She is a dedicated, positive and energetic team player, who is already striving to do all she can to assist in making our Greek community bigger, better and stronger.”

The role of IGC fraternity and sorority coordinator is approximately equivalent to that of an advisor for any other club. Mirabelli’s job is to advise the College’s chapters and colonies of Greek letter organizations, in addition to advising IGC and the Panhellenic Council. Mirabelli also serves as the Greek Judicial Affairs officer and as a liaison to all the national fraternities and sororities. She is also co-advisor for Homecoming Spirit Week.

“There are 27 different chapters and 27 different egos that Pam needs to unite to a common goal,” Alex Sanchez, vice president of Public Relations for IGC, said.

“One of the things she’s done really well is she’s let us do our own thing as an (Executive Board),” Bryan Vale, president of IGC, said.

So far, IGC is pleased with their new addition.

“She was the first person I met at this school; she was my CA,” Sanchez said. “I’ve known her for a long time and I can’t think of anything that would detract from her ability to do the job.”

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