Guster accepts CUB bid to perform concert at College

The College Union Board (CUB) confirmed this week that Guster accepted its bid to play at the College for its fall concert. As of last week, the band had still not offially accepted though the Student Finance Board (SFB) had approved the concert’s funding. SFB also allocated money for a travel request this week.

In addition, CUB presented a motion to possibly raise ticket prices for the Guster concert. CUB asked for permission to increase the ticket price, which was originally set at $10, to $15.

Last week, SFB approved CUB’s high volume request for funding to host a concert featuring the acoustic rock band Guster. The event, which is scheduled to take place in Kendall Hall in November, was fully allocated $36,700.

According to CUB, the agent for Guster had explained that colleges typically ask $20 for tickets. Jon Borst, SFB executive director, mentioned that increasing the ticket prices will help prevent tickets from selling out.

Tim Asher, associate director for Student Activities, said, “$15 is what (SFB) has charged for other groups.” He also said that CUB is simply asking for permission to increase the ticket price if necessary. “Approval doesn’t mean (CUB) would (raise ticket prices),” Asher said.

The proposed ticket price increase, carried out, will reduce the money allocated for the event from $36,700 to $33,200.

“I don’t foresee a significant issue with $15,” Steven Oliveira, SFB financial director, said. “It’s a risk CUB is taking.”

Omar Selim, SFB operations director, reminded SFB that “we’re still paying $33,200.”

After a brief discussion, the choice of whether to raise ticket prices for the Guster concert from $10 to $15 was extended to CUB. Generally, SFB is in charge of setting ticket price. With this approval, it is now up to CUB to decide on $10 or $15 tickets for the concert.

In addition to the CUB motion, SFB also allocated $100 in travel expenses for the German Club’s trip to the New York City opera “The Dead City.” The trip will take place on Oct. 8. The group is scheduled to leave at 10 a.m. in four vans driven by advisors and faculty to watch the opera at 1:30 p.m., followed by a small meal and sightseeing in New York until 8 p.m.

Tickets for the opera are already paid for by German Club members. With funding, students will only have to pay $4 for transportation.

In contrast to last week’s Circle K special appropriations requests, which were rejected because the events are not open to the entire College community, the German Club trip was opened to other clubs in the modern languages department.

“Last time, we didn’t give Circle K (funding),” Anjali Mone, SFB junior representative, said. “But this (event) is open for everybody.”