Bid for Guster funded

This week, the Student Finance Board (SFB) fully allocated money for a high volume request, special appropriations request and base budget.

The College Union Board (CUB) presented its high volume request to SFB. CUB requested $37,000 to place a bid to host a concert featuring the acoustic rock band Guster in Kendall Hall in November. The price of tickets would only be $10, compared to $15 last year for a sold-out concert by Gavin DeGraw.

“This concert is a way to bring entertainment to the school,” Katerina Gkionis, one of CUB’s event coordinators, said. “It excites students and it’s exciting to have somebody famous come to the school . It also makes students feel better about the school they go to.”

When reviewing CUB’s request, SFB considered the Spring concert that CUB could possibly host. Erica Klazmer, SFB administrative director, said that there was enough money in the high volume balance for another concert.

Jon Borst, SFB executive director, added that the extra $10 per student collected by SAF was put into the high volume budget this year, which is traditionally used by CUB for large events.

SFB deducted $300 of the request for staff T-shirts, citing that CUB could extract those funds from its box office. Afterward, SFB voted to fully fund CUB for $36,700.

While the bid was fully funded, Guster will still have to accept the proposed amount before a concert can be officially announced.

Borst presented a special appropriation request of $14,488 for a “fall weekend enhancement.” A few years ago, the College sponsored a weekend enhancement line to bring more campus unity to the school.

In conjunction with CUB, PEANUTS and Campus Activities, SFB would like to host a “UV Coffeehouse Series.” Every Friday night starting Sept. 29, “this series will provide a fun, safe, regular late-night programming experience open to all College students,” Borst said.

Borst added that the series’ purpose was “to bring students together with something other than alcohol.”

SFB’s request included funding for poker and bingo tournaments as well as other activities, including comedians, dances and a game show.

SFB agreed that the UV Coffeehouse Series was a good idea and allocated full funding in the amount of $14,448 in a unanimous vote.

All College Theatre (ACT) proposed an $18,994.60 base budget request to SFB.

SFB expected a $20,000 to $22,000 budget because ACT has “trouble finding shows with the funds we give them,” Borst said. ACT has been trying to suggest shows that fit into the budget that SFB provides, which is often difficult because many shows are expensive to run.

This year, “Tartuffe,” a restoration comedy by Moli?re, will be the fall production and “The Real Inspector Hound” by Tom Stoppard will be the spring show. There is also “An Evening of Shorts,” a production of student-directed, one-act plays, and a murder mystery dinner.

ACT’s budget was passed with full funding in a unanimous vote.

The only organization that did not receive funding was Circle K, the college branch of the Kiwanis International family of volunteer organizations.

Circle K presented two special appropriations requests, one for $29 and the other for $45. The request for $29 was for materials to make terry cloth “boo bunnies.”

They were to be made at Circle K’s Fall Leadership Instruction Program and donated to children patients at a local hospital. The other amount was for an off-campus senior citizen dance.

Circle K has a large fundraising budget and these events are “not publicized to everybody on campus,” Omar Selim, SFB operations director, said. Due to these facts, neither special appropriations request was funded by SFB.

As a final matter of business, Borst announced that senior representative John Trahanas retired his position and that interviews for his replacement would be conducted soon.

This position is open to all seniors on campus.