Homecoming fundraisers held to cover overspending

The 2006 Homecoming budget is currently frozen as a result of the Homecoming Committee overspending last year.

Whenever an organization overspends their budget, the Student Finance Board (SFB) is required to freeze that budget, according to Jonathan Borst, SFB executive director.

“The Homecoming Committee overspent in their programming line,” Borst said. “There was also an outstanding cash advance.”

“Both SFB and the Homecoming Committee were at fault,” Pamela Mirabelli, fraternity and sorority programs coordinator and co-advisor to the Homecoming Committee, said. “The Homecoming Committee should have been on top of their budget.”

Lauren Szwech, Homecoming Committee co-chair, agreed that the overspending was an “unfortunate mistake.” However, she added that the committee is doing “everything (it) can to correct the error.”

When it found out about the frozen budget, the committee reacted by quickly brainstorming ideas to raise the required $750.

According to Mirabelli, the committee wondered, “What are the simplest things that can get us the money in the least amount of time?”

To raise the money, the committee organized two fundraisers. One took place all day at Chevy’s on Route 1 on Thursday, Aug. 31. If students who attended the event said they were there because of Homecoming, a percentage of the bill went to the Homecoming budget.

The second fundraiser is scheduled for today from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Coldstone Creamery. Those who attend Coldstone between these hours will contribute a percentage of their bill to the budget.

Szwech said the committee chose Chevy’s and Coldstone to hold the fundraisers because these places would bring in the best total revenue.

“Everyone on campus can participate,” she said.

In addition to the events at Chevy’s and Coldstone, last year’s Homecoming DVDs will be on sale for $10, and staff shirts will be on sale for $5 in the Brower Student Center.

To ensure that the Homecoming Committee does not overspend in the future, the committee is required to submit a detailed budget to SFB, who will make sure the committee allots money properly. According to Borst, “SFB is working with the Homecoming Committee to develop a plan for spending.”

To advertise for the fundraisers, the committee sent out e-mails, posted fliers and used word of mouth to encourage people to bring friends to the fundraisers. Melanie Hinds, townhouses complex coordinator, let all the Community Advisors know about the events so they could tell their residents.

Szwech expects the fundraisers to be successful. “All of the organizations on campus want Homecoming to proceed as it has in the past,” she said. “They all know that this is only possible if they help us fundraise the needed money.”

“It’s such an easy thing to do,” Mirabelli said. “Every little bit helps.” She expects “disappointment from the students and the committee” if the money is not raised.

“Not raising this money is not an option,” Szwech said. “With the help of all those involved in Homecoming festivities, Homecoming will continue as it has in the past.”

The committee is “very optimistic that we’re going to raise the money,” Mirabelli said. “We obviously want Homecoming Spirit Week to be the best it can be.”