Same old, same old for crumbling Kendall Hall

Lingering structural damage continues to plague both Kendall Hall and the Spiritual Center.

While the Spiritual Center needs only minor repairs at this time, the damage to Kendall Hall will close the theater well into the first semester of the academic year.

Kendall Hall was closed last December after some of the plaster on the ceiling collapsed, according to Richard Kroth, director of arts facilities.

Following the collapse, the ceiling was temporarily stabilized to allow events scheduled for March through June to take place within the damaged theater.

“(Arts facilities) closed the entire theatre in late June so that scaffolding could be installed and plaster repairs completed,” Kroth said.

Kroth called the ceiling repairs “a large project.” The repairs will involve plaster fabrication, restoration, paint and finish work.

Much of the repair work took place during the summer, when most students were off campus.

Though the work will continue into October, Kroth said that “scheduling the work during the summer has significantly reduced the impact to campus events, as fewer events take place between June and October.”

Some events, however, were impacted by the closure, including College President R. Barbara Gitenstein’s welcome back address to the campus.

Tara Conte, senior English major and director of the College Union Board (CUB), said the Welcome Week comedy show usually schduled to take place in Kendall had to be moved to the Music Building’s Mayo Concert Hall this semester.

Conte said that despite the setback, CUB is prepared to deal with the closure.

“Having known for a while that Kendall was under construction, we have been able to take this circumstance into consideration and look to other venues for our events,” she said.

In the past, CUB was able to move major campus events to other locations after Kendall closed. Some of the events that had to be moved included a lecture by screenwriter Kevin Smith and CUB’s comedy show, which featured Pablo Francisco and Dean Edwards.

Kroth estimates that the repairs will be finished by the third week of October.

Unlike Kendall, most of the major repairs to the Spiritual Center were completed before students arrived for the new semester.

According to Father Joe Hlubik of Catholic Campus Ministriees, repairs were made to the roof, floor and air conditioning system over the summer.

The most serious damage to the building occurred on the roof, according to Hlubik. He said much of the roof needed to be replaced during the summer.

Hlubik said the original roofing “wasn’t done correctly.”

“It was not quality workmanship,” Hlubik said.

The flooring in the building also underwent serious repair work.

According to Ann DeGennaro, director of Campus Wellness, more work will be done to fix the floors over the winter break. DeGennaro said the floors in the building are buckling and molding around the walls is lifting off.

Much of the damage to the floor may have been a result of problems with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the Spiritual Center.

According to Hlubik, the air conditioning system flooded the storage room of the building last year.

Despite the problems, the Spiritual Center opened to students at the start of the semester.

On Saturday, the building opened to freshmen for a “Meet the Ministers” Welcome Week event.