Meet the members of the student finance board

The Student Finance Board (SFB) is a student-run organization that has the responsibility of distributing the Student Activity Fund (SAF). SAF is collected with tuition and helps fund clubs and organizations at the College.

SFB meets each Wednesday to hear appeals from organizations requesting funds. It also works with club treasurers to design appropriate budgets for student organizations.

SFB Executive Board members

Executive Director

Jonathan Borst

Operations Director

Omar Selim

Administrative Director

Erica Klazmer

Executive Assistant

Terence Grado

Financial Director

Steven Oliveira

Assistant Financial Director

Kimberly Ings

According to its website,, SFB endeavors to be “consistent” and “objective” when distroibuting funds. The SFB office is located on the second floor of Brower Student Center. in Room 231.