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Can’t meet the demands of a varsity sport but still love to play the game? From fall to spring each year, the College offers 30 non-varsity sports that students can get involved in. No matter what a student’s athletic capability or schedule, there is a team to fit his or her needs. Join one of the 18 club teams on campus and compete against NCAA Division I schools like Rutgers, or get involved with one of the 12 intramural sports and play other teams on campus just for fun with a group of friends.

Women’s Club Softball

This team plays fast pitch, competitive softball against teams like Princeton University, Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Maryland and Ithaca University. The team also attends the National Club Softball Tournament each year. They practice three times a week and play doubleheaders on weekends. Each semester, the team attends one away tournament and hosts a home tournament. They are especially looking for pitchers, catchers and a volunteer coach. To contact the women’s softball team, send an e-mail to club president Allie Hayes at

Women’s Club Soccer

This team plays schools like Princeton University, Yale University, the University of Maryland and Boston College. They were one game shy of going to nationals last season as they went 4-2-0. Throughout the season, the team has a lot of mixers with other club sports teams and fraternities, as well as a date party. There is also a Family Day barbecue with the men’s team and an alumni game. The team is also actively involved in intramurals on campus. Players should expect intense practices and hard work. They spend most weekends in the fall playing and traveling throughout the northeast.

To contact the women’s club soccer team, e-mail

Women’s Rugby Club

The women’s rugby team competes in NCAA Division II and last season its record was a stellar 5-1.

Throughout the year, the team travels to other colleges, goes to tournaments and hosts games here at the College. Traveling as far as Virginia, their schedule requires a lot of road trips and fun hotel stays.

Off the field, the team holds a lot of social events like bowling, pasta parties, barbeques and going to see rugby matches. Closely affiliated with the men’s rugby club, they have a tight-knit community whose bond extends far beyond the field.

They pride themselves in having a position for anyone, regardless of body type or experience, and welcome anyone that wants to join.

To contact either of the women’s or men’s rugby teams, send an e-mail to

Women’s Club Volleyball

Instead of dual games, this club attends tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments are held at other colleges, including the University of Delaware, Rutgers University and Fairfield University.

Since there is no varsity volleyball team at the College, the club is the most competitive women’s volleyball squad that the school has to offer.

Most of the girls on the team have some experience, however, they are willing to work with anyone who wants to learn the game. Tryouts will be held sometime in mid to late September and will consist mostly of basic skills and conditioning.

Practices are held twice a week, usually at night, and they attend four to five tournaments. Also, they attend the Club Volleyball National Tournament every year and do a decent amount of fundraising. This year, the tournament will be held in Louisville, Ky.

The team is also quite social; they have mixers with other club sports and fraternities, as well as other team social events.

To contact the volleyball team, e-mail vice president Kristine Mintel at

Men’s Club Volleyball

Teams that this club encounters during the season are Princeton University, Seton Hall University, Drexel University, Temple University, Haverford College, Rowan University and Pennsylvania State University. The level of play is competitive, but the club is all about having fun. The club’s goal is to compete in the Club Volleyball National Tournament this year in Louisville. To contact the team, e-mail club president Scott Miccio at

Fencing Club

The fencing club gets together once a week for about an hour. This year the team is trying to accomodate every skill level: one night for students with no experience so that they can learn the basics of how to fence, and a separate night for people with experience so that they can immediately have bouts with practice weapons and their electric equipment.

The team is all for fun as it does not yet compete against other schools; however, they are looking forward to competing in the future. Check the team Web site at for more information and meeting times and place. To contact the fencing club, e-mail

Co-Ed Tennis Club

The skill level of this club is rather high. The team practices several times a week and has matches during the weekends. The fall season runs from September to October and the spring season runs from February to April. They compete in the regional tournament at the end of the fall and the national tournament at the end of the spring. Their first meeting is Aug. 28 at noon on the outdoor courts. Practice will follow. To contact the team, e-mail

Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a relatively new club sport on campus that plays against a lot of different schools, mostly from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. During Spring break, the co-ed team takes a trip to Georgia for a week and plays in a tournament against teams from all over the country. Last year they placed fifth, but since the new club is still learning, the team gets better every year. Always welcoming new players, they practice Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-6 p.m. on the Green Lane Fields. They also have informal pick-up games on Tuesday and Thursday at the same time. To contact the ultimate frisbee team, e-mail

Club sports that are not listed: baseball, bowling, crew, field hockey, ice hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, racquetball, men’s rugby and men’s soccer. For more information on every club sport visit and select the “Club” link in the left column of the site.