Habitat for Humanity to aid in Katrina cleanup

The 2005-2006 Student Finance Board (SFB) passed its last motion of the year to give Habitat for Humanity $750 of its $1,484.06 request to send 15 students to New Orleans to remove debris from the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Jon Borst, newly elected executive director and Habitat for Humanity’s liaison, said the request should be considered a special appropriations request instead of a conference request, which is how Habitat for Humanity submitted it. Then, the precedent of providing $50 a head or half the total amount requested would not apply.

“I don’t look at this as a traditional conference request,” Borst said, citing that the trip would not be used for networking purposes, unlike most conferences requests.

Borst saw the trip as more of “an off-campus event” as opposed to a conference.

Not all members agreed and wanted to treat the request as a conference. A motion was passed 11-2-1 to give Habitat for Humanity $750, approximately half its request.