A weekly critique and words that inspired

When I was a Signal editor in the late 1970s, Bob Cole became our faculty advisor. He was so patient with us, no matter how late or how often we called on him.

Each week, after a new issue of The Signal appeared, Bob would critique it, writing his comments in a red pen we came to know so well.?The staff read each critique with a sense of excitement and dread. He was relentless at spotting errors and spared no one’s feelings, yet he always recognized a job well-done and never failed to make us laugh.

? ?In the spring of 1979, The Signal reported extensively on a faculty strike. After a settlement was reached, Bob wrote his usual critique of our latest issue.

He hung it on the bulletin board outside the door of our newsroom. Bob gave the staff a lot of kudos for our coverage and joy reigned in Signaltown that week. We had worked our butts off on the strike and were pretty confident we had done a good job. Still, praise from Bob Cole – well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I remember what he said in that critique about my articles: “Peggy shone and glowed during the strike coverage.” I walked on air for days after reading that sentence!

? ?Since graduating college, I’ve been fortunate in my career. I’ve earned my share of compliments from some impressive people. But 27 years later, no words of praise have ever inspired me more than Bob Cole’s remarks in that Signal critique of our faculty strike issue.

? ?So, as Bob retires from the College and we try to show our appreciation, I’d like to return a compliment.

Bob, you “shone and glowed” as our teacher. Thank you for sharing your light. Even today, it’s keeping us warm.