One more response – comic ‘completely uncalled for’

Sadly, I must say that I have noticed an ongoing trend with the material found within our campus newspaper, The Signal.

Over the past three to four months, I have noticed what I have termed an “attack on religion.” It started with two articles in reference to Christianity and its real origin and why Christianity is just a bunch of beliefs that have no real meaning.

After that, an article was written concerning the Gospel Choir and what was termed “a trip with the sole intent of bonding.”

In that article, many lies and opinions were stated as facts making the Gospel Choir look like a bunch of young people who wanted to take a trip during Spring Break, but were just too cheap to raise their own money so they desired to use the school’s. Of course this was not the case, but who cares about the truth when dealing with any form of journalism or media, right (notice the sarcasm in my tone)? (It’s OK, we didn’t expect you to understand the real purpose of that trip anyway.)

And with the release of the April 12 issue The Signal comes the most disrespectful and out-of-order “attack on religion” yet this semester. This issue of The Signal proudly exhibits a comic called “Immaculate Deception.” In this comic, God is tactfully referred to as a dog and God is portrayed as a southern drunk with a Confederate flag on his arm referring to Jesus as a “n—– who ain’t no son of (his).”

I am writing as a representative of the black race and as a proud Christian. Words cannot display the disgust I feel. Although it may be true that all are entitled to their own opinion, I don’t believe it is right to tear down someone else’s beliefs with such a derogatory comic, especially since Easter weekend was this past weekend.

It’s bad enough that the world has tried to convince itself that Easter is all about some bunny and a bunch of egg hunts in order to take away from the real meaning of Easter, which is Jesus dying on the cross and then rising again!

And for the authors of this comic to attack this staple holiday and to attempt to belittle the greatest sacrifice ever made for this world was completely uncalled for. Not to mention the slanderous term used to refer to blacks in this comic. I thought America was progressing, but now I feel as if we have reverted to 50 or 60 years ago.

I don’t know, maybe the authors thought that no one would notice. Maybe they thought that there are no real Christians on this campus (because the word Christian has become so watered down that the world doesn’t know what it really means to be a true Christian anymore). Maybe they thought that because the percentage of blacks on this campus is so small that no one would be offended or stand up for what’s right. Well my friends, you thought wrong!

Although I don’t speak for all the Christians and blacks on this campus, I believe that they would agree with my stance. This comic was uncalled for and out of place, and I for one want a handwritten apology, maybe even a campus-wide apology.

One thing I have noticed about The Signal is that it feeds on controversy. As a matter of fact, it urges students to voice their controversial issues. So maybe this is what the authors of “Immaculate Deception” wanted – an uproar of anger followed by mass protests.

Well you won’t get it from me. I refuse to go back and forth with whoever might post a letter in The Signal after reading my letter because they were offended by my words (someone will do it). This is not an argument and I don’t want to make it into one. I just want the authors of the comic to admit they were wrong in even thinking of making a comic such as this.

In addition, controversy is not the Christian way, nor is it the purpose of this letter to the editor. So what is the purpose of this letter? The purpose is to demonstrate that there are blacks and Christians on this campus who will not just sit back and allow The Signal to attack their race or religion with slanderous words or comics. I want the readers of The Signal to know that being Christian and humble does not mean we will allow our religion to be mocked.

Although it is true that our religion calls us to be humble, it does not call for our religion to be dragged through the mud and stepped on like someone’s welcome mat.

So congratulations, Prof. Quadrangle and Winona Parkway – you have awakened a sleeping dog within the blacks and Christians on this campus, and you better be men enough to stand up to the angry mobs that will demand an apology and a greater sense of respect.

And just a notice to all the Christians out there: The Bible warns us that a time like this would come. This means it is time to get ready!!!

Jason Smith