Interim VP of Student Life to become interim provost

The College recently appointed Elizabeth Paul to be the interim provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, where she will oversee all aspects of the academic program.

Paul said she supports the College’s courageous moves in advancing academic programs and looks forward to continuing that work when she takes over the position on July 1.

“She is a top scholar in her field and has provided tremendous leadership to the office of Student Life,” Matthew Golden, director of Communications and Media Relations for the College, said. “She has an acute understanding of the needs of both students and faculty members.”

Paul received a bachelor’s and Ph.D in psychology from Boston University and was an associate professor and chair of the College’s psychology department until appointed interim vice president of Student Life in July 2005.

She was recently promoted to full professor in the psychology department when a national search yielded a new vice president for Student Life, who replaces her Aug. 1.

Paul has been an active faculty member at the College for 13 years, which she said “helps (her) to understand the faculty role on campus and the potential of our students as learners.” She said that her service as interim vice president for Student Life this year extended her understanding of the student experience.

“This combination of experiences has given me a kaleidoscopic perspective that I hope will help me in my work as interim provost,” Paul said.

The office for Student Life is responsible for the overall coordination of programs, services and human resources within the area, providing consultation and advisement to students, faculty, staff and parents.

While providing leadership to the office for Student Life, Paul directed and implemented a strategic planning effort. Paul also served on the president’s cabinet, revamped the leadership structure in residential and community development and enhanced practices in budget and resource allocation.

Continuing the academic transformation and implementing recommendations from the teacher-scholar task force – created to assess the role of a teacher-scholar – are among the goals Paul has for Academic Affairs.

Additionally, she said she will be dedicated to studying graduate programs, global studies and faculty development.

An office for Academic Affairs should entail “people really committed to students and to learning,” Paul said. She also said she will continue to strive for this ideal during her tenure as interim provost.

“I have a very high regard for faculty as well as students,” Paul said. “I am excited about continuing to help those excellent faculty and students to create a vibrant learning culture.”

Paul will serve as interim provost and vice president for Academic Affairs until a new provost is found. The College will establish a search committee representative of the campus community to begin a national search for the next provost.