Club softball request denied

The Student Finance Board (SFB) passed a motion 11-1 to give zero funding to the women’s club softball team’s request for $523.84 to attend the 2006 National Club Softball Tournament.

Unfamiliar with SFB policy, the team came up for funding after already having paid for its registration. It is SFB policy not to fund services that have already been paid for.

“There’s a reason we have budget clinics,” Julia Pratt, executive director, said. Budget clinics are meant to educate organizations on SFB guidelines.

“Consistency, consistency, consistency,” Pratt said. She compared the tournament request to a request made by the Black Student Union (BSU) last week. The BSU proposal, which asked for funding for fliers that had already been purchased and practices that had already been held, was zero funded.

TCNJ Swing also returned to the board with a new request for its dance lesson and dance after last week’s motion to table the request.

The organization had previously asked to bring Junior Mance, renowned jazz musician, to the College. The request included a Steinway piano rental and funding to pay Mance, but the proposal was tabled because it did not include costs for Kendall Hall staffing and possible sound equipment.

After last week’s board meeting, the organization revised its request. However, due to scheduling difficulties, the club was unable to arrange a date for Mance to come to the College.

The new request included funding for a DJ and dance lesson, three Kendall Hall staff workers and publicity, including an ad in The Signal and fliers, totaling $540.75. The new event would now be part of activities for finals week.

Board members agreed that the problems surrounding both the old and new requests were not as a result of poor planning by the club.

“It’s really not this organization’s fault,” Pratt said.

Most members also agreed that the event would be successful.

“I’d like to see this happen,” Jon Borst, administrative director, said.

The board passed a motion 11-0-1 to fund the organization $541.