Reward in Fiocco case raised to $7,500

Last week, the reward offered by Crimestoppers of Greater Trenton for information regarding the disappearance of freshman John Fiocco Jr., who was last seen on Saturday, March 25, was raised to as much as $7,500.

The initial reward of $2,000 was increased due to the additions of a $5,000 donation from an anonymous donor and a $500 donation from Mike Lord, a friend of the Fiocco family.

Jim Carlucci, secretary for Crimestoppers, said that it is important that people call in with tips. Callers will remain anonymous unless they wish to volunteer their personal information.

Meanwhile, investigators are continuing to search the first of two Pennsylvania landfills for evidence.

According to New Jersey State Police Capt. Al Della Fave, the police have made it through 60 percent of Tullytown Landfill. Police have not yet searched GROWS Landfill in Falls Township, Pa.

At press time, the police had been searching Tullytown Landfill for nine days. Despite uncooperative weather Saturday, officers continued the search.

“They searched through wind and rain,” Della Fave said. “They could have easily made that decision (not to search), but they refused to stop.”

Della Fave said that Fiocco’s room, the Wolfe Hall trash chute and the room where Fiocco was last seen were initially closed off, but all are now open.

Graphic design students and faculty from Fiocco’s department are trying to create a feeling of hope in the wake of his disappearance with “The Hope Tree,” which was placed outside Travers and Wolfe halls on Monday. A plaque beside the tree invites members of the campus community to “Leave your thoughts and words of hope for John Fiocco.”

The pot that holds the tree is painted with pictures representing some of Fiocco’s interests, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Batman, the Liberty Bell and the band Green Day.

“We made this tree in honor of (Fiocco),” Cody Rounds, freshman fine arts major, said. “Everyone is affected by it and we’re all here for each other.”

– Robert DeCarlo, Staff Photographer, contributed to this report.