Prospective students weigh in on Accepted Students Day

Q: In light of the recent missing persons case involving John Fiocco, are you concerned about safety at the College?

Carvel Seepersad, senior at Orange High School: “The fact that (Fiocco) is a freshman is scary. I would wonder how to adapt and be cautious if I came here (in the fall).”

Theodora Douse, mother: “It is not going to affect (where Seepersad goes to college) because I’m still wondering how it happened.”

Q: How has the missing persons case involving John Fiocco affected your decision whether or not to attend the College?

Emily Kane, senior at Mercer Christian Academy: “It hasn’t affected my decision (to attend the College).”

Holly Kane, mother: “My reaction is that bad things happen to people who drink too much. It doesn’t reflect on the College at all.”

Q: Are you concerned about Governor Corzine’s proposed budget, which would cut $169 million from higher education if it passed?

Heather Capurso, senior at Verona High School: “I was worried because the governor’s school (lost funding), but not really.”

Lou Capurso, father: “No, because I think (the College) is still the best by far (in terms of value, location and education).”

Q: Have Governor Corzine’s proposed budget cuts to higher education affected your decision about what college you will attend next fall?

Anthony Piccoline, senior at Rich High School: “No, I am set on (the College).”

Marie Piccoline, mother: “It will be a lot tougher to pay. There will be more debt.”