Resolution condemns state budget proposal

A resolution opposing Gov. Corzine’s proposed state budget was introduced at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting last week.

In an attempt to correct New Jersey’s $4 billion deficit, the proposed budget would cut $8 million from the College’s funding and a total of $169 million from higher education statewide.

If the budget is passed, dealing with the loss of funds is “going to be a big challenge,” Annelise Catanzaro, SGA president, said. She added that tuition increases are likely.

The budget would also end the Outstanding Scholars Recruitment Program, which awards scholarships to incoming students based on SAT score and class rank. This would cut all merit-based state aid for higher education.

“Corzine had supported increases for higher education; now that he’s in office he is cutting funds for higher education,” Dan Beckelman, a sponsor of the resolution, said. He was appointed senator at-Large at the meeting.

Since the resolution was only introduced last week, it will be debated and voted upon at this week’s meeting.

Also at the meeting, Simona Wright, chair of the International Education Program, spoke about plans to “bring order and cost efficiency to the exchange program.”

Wright said that the College was ineficient in sending students to other countries. For instance, students were sent to Paris using three separate providers, and that if only one provider was used it could develop a stronger program.

“The number of institutions to visit was cut so that we can build relationships for higher quality experiences,” Catanzaro said.

According to Wright, the international studies team is working on relations with prestigious foreign schools, such as Germany’s Frankfurt University. She also added that she and the planning council “would like to bring more international students to our campus.”

James Gant, Campus Police liaison, reported recent police activities and policy changes. Campus Police has just added a new officer and hopes to hire four more to make a force of 20.

Campus Police plans to meet with each freshman floor during Welcome Week this fall to discuss parking and campus policies. It will also hold a Campus Night Walk to evaluate deficiencies in lighting and signage on campus, while working on adding more signs, lights and help boxes.

The traffic appeals board is learning a new program to help them process appeals, Gant said. He said the board hopes that this program will keep the mounting piles of appeals to a minimum.

The Sodexho liaisons passed around a giant thank you card for students to sign for the Sodexho workers who came to work during the snowstorm. Mollie Seiferas, vice president of Student Services, said planning is under way for Finals Fest, the activities held during finals week.

She said there will be a variety of events, including a carnival with cotton candy and prizes as well as a barbeque.

Silvano Samartine, freshman biology major, was appointed an associate member.