Press Conference: Missing student update

Signal Staff Reports

At a press conference held at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph L. Bocchini, Jr. said that College freshman John Fiocco, Jr had not been found.

Bocchini did say, however, that “several items have been found that have led my office to seek to obtain search warrants for several areas of the campus.”

Bocchini called the rumors that had been circulating “totally fallacious.”

“As of now, no one has been found and no body parts have been found, as was previously reported by some media outlets,” Bocchini said.

He also said that there was “no confirmation of any blood,” and had no comment as to whether the Wolfe Hall trash chute has any significance in this case.

Bocchini said that the case is still being treated as a missing persons case – not a criminal case. However, he said, “Obviously, in any missing persons investigation you have to be concerned that it can turn into something more.”

When asked if there was any need for the students at the College to be concerned for their safety, Bocchini said that he had “no reservations whatsoever about the safety of the students at (the College) and the security of the campus.”

As new information becomes available, updates about the search for John Fiocco will be posted on the signal-online Web site.