Top Tunes

1. “Leaders of the Free World” –


Leaders of the Free World

This absolute monster of a track from Elbow’s third album is a politically charged affair that you must hear to believe.

2. “Shack Up S.O.S.” –

Breaking Laces


The boys of Breaking Laces return with some mellow acoustic-style rock that has quickly become a DJ favorite.

3. “Can’t Explain” – ism

Monkey Underneath

The careful mix of alt-rock and electronica equals success for these guys on their first LP.

4. “Shot Stereo” – Wes McDonald

1:50 in the Furnace

One part rock, one part country twang, along with plenty of attitude, equals a fun track and a good album.

5. “Sunday” – She’s Your Sister


If these guys keep writing songs as catchy and rocking as this one, they won’t remain unsigned for long.