News Briefs

Man found making sexual comments in Packer

Campus Police are currently investigating a man who was “discussing things of a sexual nature” near the men’s locker room in the Packer Hall aquatic center.

According to Campus Police, the man had been harrassing a student, but had left by the time they recieved a call, and there has been no further sign of him since the incident.

The man was described as being of slender build and five foot nine inches, with dark brown skin, dark hair and wire rimmed glasses.

According to Sgt. James Lopez, all further information available at this time is in the timely warning e-mail issued by Campus Police.

Campus Police urge anyone who sees any suspicious activity on campus to call them at x2167.

College employee to lead statewide forum

Nadine Stern, chief information officer at the College, has been selected as co-chair of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Forum of is a non-profit organization that was designed to enhance teaching, research and public service missions at colleges and universities across New Jersey.

The new, official CIO Forum will meet two to three times a year, and will serve as a focal point for discussion among CIOs, as well as an opporunity for colleges to share services and offer staff training workshops.

According to a press release from the College, Stern said that there have been informal meetings between CIOs for the past two years, and that these meetings have become a valuable source of information to help solve problems, as well as a place to share general ideas and strategies about information technology management.