‘Mystique,’ movie marathon receive full funding

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously passed two motions to fully fund the Asian American Association’s (AAA) $2,814.70 request to host its annual program “Mystique” as well as its $562 request to hold the Spring Multicultural Buffet.

“I think (“Mystique” and the Multicultural Buffet) are going to be very successful,” Erica Klazmer, sophomore representative, said.

“Mystique” and the Multicultural Buffet are scheduled for March 21 and April 1, respectively.

The board also passed a motion to fully fund the College Union Board’s (CUB) $596 request to hold a Kevin Smith movie marathon in anticipation of Smith’s lecture, planned two weeks after the showing of the films.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Kobi Wilmot, management director, said. “It will promote this lecture more.”

“Mallrats” and “Clerks,” two of Smith’s films, are slated to be shown March 7 in the Travers/Wolfe Main Lounge.

CUB also requested funding for transportation to the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) conference.

The organization had requested a school van two weeks prior to Wednesday’s meeting. However, the deal fell through and CUB wished to rent a non-school affiliated van instead.

Though the board approved funding for this conference last semester, members were skeptical about providing funding when the organization had ample time to make transportation arrangements.

Some members argued that CUB has earned the right to make these kinds of requests, but others agreed that it is more important to treat each organization equally.

“Just because they’re CUB does not mean they get special treatment,” Julia Pratt, executive director, said.

Despite some disagreements, a motion was passed 12-2 to fund CUB’s transportation request.

The Inter-Greek Council (IGC) requested funding to send its advisor to the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) conference.

It is in the SFB conference request policy to fully fund advisor requests if the advisor is required to attend the conference.

The board passed a motion 14-0 to fully fund the $653.63 request, which includes the registration fee, transportation and lodging.

The Minority Association of Pre-Health Students requested funding to send its members, as well as members of the American Medical Student Association and the Professional Nursing Organization of Students, to the Body Worlds exhibit in Philadelphia.

Pratt cited the request as the “essence of co-sponsorship” and board members agreed on the trip’s value.

A motion was passed 13-0-1 to fully fund the $220 request.

Following requests, the board discussed its upcoming budget decisions.

Pratt noted specific areas that the board should keep in mind, including the funding of honor societies (SFB currently only funds one, Tri-Beta, because it is mostly student-run), Senior Week, the yearbook, issues regarding academic requests made by organizations that deal with graduation requirements, the need for the College’s Child Care Center and conference requests.

Pratt, who graduates this spring, reminded board members of the importance of the upcoming budget retreat.

Interest sessions will be held April 15 for those interested in running for executive board and April 13 and 14 for those thinking of general board positions.

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