News Briefs

Sesquicentennial celebrations win awards

The events held by the College in honor of the Sesquicentennial have earned it three awards from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education’s (CASE) District Accolades Awards Program.

The College received the gold award in the category “Visual Design in Print: Logos/Nameplates” for its “Once We Were Normal” series of logos.

It also received the silver award in the category “Web site: Publication/Special Purpose” for the design of the official Sesquicentennial Web site.

The College also received the bronze award in the category “Special Events: Event Series” for the Sesquicentennial program held throughout the 2004-05 year.

These awards are given out on a yearly basis, and honor schools based on their achievements in print, multimedia, communications, events and program development.

CASE started this event in order to enhance the alumni and community relations of the institutions that participate in the program.

Trenton resident scammed out of $6,000

A Trenton man lost $6,000 to two con artists posing as police officers Feb. 1, police told the Times of Trenton.

The thieves convinced the man that they were conducting a criminal investigation and convinced him to make a withdrawal from the bank in order to help with their inquiries. There is no information as to how the criminals took the money at this time

This is the second such scam to occur in Trenton this year, after a man lost $18,000 last month to two men pretending to be federal investigators looking into a prior scamming incident, police told the Times of Trenton.