Top Tunes

1. “No Kind of Life”- Clearlake


The first track from the band’s third album makes no excuses for their love of The Smiths and British guitar rock.

2. “Maintain the Focus”-

Test Icicles

For Screening Purposes Only

Part post-punk, part hardcore, part dance rock and entirely catchy – in an almost scary sort of way.

3. “The Scene is Dead”- We Are


With Love and Squalor

The trio of New York City art-rockers draws a good number in the “next big thing” with an infectious mix.

4. “Never Knows Your Name” – Tide


One part pop-rock and another part indie. After less than a week in rotation, people have already called to request this song. That’s good enough for me.

5. “Fireflies in a Steel Mill” –

The Elected

Sun, Sun, Sun

Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett’s side project puts on a little acoustic sunny-day pop number that gives Bright Eyes a run for its money.