Move over Facebook, has arrived

October 19, 2005 Ashley Menchise 0

You have 446 friends from colleges across the country. Four of them live on the West Coast and attend Stanford University. Two of those four are also elementary education majors. Nine of them go to the University of Texas. A whopping 63 attend colleges in the tri-state area, Rutgers University being the leader of the pack. […]

Larry – The best part of eating at Eickhoff

October 19, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

It’s early on a Sunday morning and students are walking sleepily into Eickhoff Dining Hall. They’re met with a warm smile and greeting that could only belong to one person – Larry Stevens.

“Good morning,” the dining hall cashier says. “How you doing today? How was your weekend?”

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches, Larry said he is known as the “Gentle Giant. […]

Getting enough sleep?

October 19, 2005 Paige Nestel 0

“Here on campus, we refer to our housing as ‘residence halls,'” Larry Gage, associate director for Counseling in the Psychological Services office, said. “But we used to call them ‘dormitories.’ And where did that word originate? It comes from ‘dormir,’ the Spanish verb for sleeping. […]

Wait, act, repeat – the glamorous life a movie extra

October 19, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

Despite my aversion to being starstruck, I was not prepared to be standing next to M. Night Shyamalan on set. Shyamalan (or M as he is simply called by the cast and crew) does not fit the typical mold of an A-list Hollywood director. While he has the authoritative “I’m the boss” look in his eye, he did not rant or rave if things were taking too long. […]

‘Chick flick’ surprises with quality characters, scenes

October 19, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

It’s not often that every single character in a movie adds to its quality, but that is exactly what makes it such a happy surprise when a film like that comes along.

“In Her Shoes,” based on the book of the same title by Jennifer Weiner, focuses on the lives of two very different sisters and, although it is not an ensemble film, also gives valuable screen time to the loved ones who surround them. […]

For fun in a ‘flash,’ bring on the ‘Mash’

October 19, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

“It was a graveyard smash / He did the mash / It caught on in a flash / He did the mash / He did the monster mash.”

It caught on in more than a flash, turning co-creator and vocalist Bobby “Boris” Pickett into a one-hit wonder phenomenon.

Since being released in 1962, the song reached No. 1 for eight weeks and has been in “the top 100” three different times, the first song to ever accomplish this. […]

Happy Halloween! Bring on the scare!

October 19, 2005 Ben Samara 0

Halloween is quickly approaching and it’s time to hit the video store for a few scares. With so many generic slasher flicks lining the shelves these days, it can be hard to pick through the garbage and find some quality movies to satisfy your need for thrills and chills. […]

Geek not weak in classic hero cartoon

October 19, 2005 Ben Leach 0

“I have the power!”

By uttering those four words while holding his power sword over his head, Prince Adam of Eternia was able to transform himself from teenage weakling into He-Man, the strongest man in the universe! Week after week, with a team of special warriors by his side, the Masters of the Universe would do battle with Skeletor and his evil mutants, learning valuable lessons along the way. […]

ACT brings unlikely humore to Shakespeare

October 19, 2005 Kristen Nardolillo 0

It is a tale of love, humor and, most of all, humanity. And brought to life by the members of All College Theater (ACT), it had color and laughter not always seen in the celebrated play.

From Oct. 11 to 15, ACT performed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the Black Box Theater to sold-out audiences. […]

Congas, merengue, salsa – a dance celebration

October 19, 2005 Nancy Sai 1

As students crowded into the Rathskellar, there was a loud chatter, followed by the rhythmic sounds of the congas, timbales and guiro.

This was the atmosphere on Thursday, Oct. 13 when the Latino band Grupo Caribe played an array of instruments to the salsa and merengue beats in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, hosted by Uni?n Latina (UL), Lambda Sigma Upsilon and the College Union Board (CUB). […]

Jonathan Ames: he shit his pants in the South of France

October 19, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

Jonathan Ames ended his reading last Wednesday afternoon like he ends all of them – with the Hairy Call.

According to Ames, the author of three novels and two essay collections who read at the College as part of ink’s Visiting Writers Series (VWS), the call was invented by his childhood friend Jon “Fat” Eder when they were in fourth grade. […]


October 19, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Abortion is so pass?

Perhaps no issue has polarized our country throughout the past decades as much as a woman’s right to have an abortion.

Ever since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down on Jan. 22, 1973, conservatives and religious activists have been strategizing on how to have the decision reversed, and liberals and pro-choice advocates have been fighting to protect it. […]

Hey Hey SGA…

October 19, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

The Signal was pleased to see the outcome of the Student Government Association (SGA)’s fall elections. Not only, after years of software failures, did the organization manage to successfully implement an online voting system, but they managed to muster voter turnout higher than any in memory. […]

The white-hottest, most top competitive school ever!

October 19, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

We’ve all heard the rhetoric, the “public ivy” line so enthusiastically pitched by the administration, we’ve all read the articles and seen the rankings. We know we all go to a pretty good school, a school that has made incredible leaps in the last decade toward becoming one of the more prestigious public institutions in the country. […]

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