June 3, 2020

Who’s that lady?

October 19, 2005 Nicole Grieco 0

In the 1970s, Iran’s government fell in a communist revolution, and shortly after, was overtaken by an Islamic theocracy. For the so-called “Western world,” it is sometimes easy to divide such a nation into backward fundamentalists and helpless victims.

Enter Marjane Satrapi, a smart and free-spirited little girl who talks to God and uses her imposed veil to play dress-up games with her friends. […]

Satrapi causes political stir

October 19, 2005 Kristen Lord 0

As part of the College’s sixth annual Community Learning Day, author Marjane Satrapi came to the College to discuss one of her books, “Persepolis,” which was this year’s freshman summer reading book.

While the program was meant to involve a lecture on the book itself and Satrapi’s native country, Iran, it focused on the author’s views of the media, the government and the prejudices that each country holds for the foreign nations around it. […]

News Briefs

October 19, 2005 Bryan Wassel 0

Sodexho encourages healthy eating with iPod giveaways

Sodexho is offering a chance to win a free iPod when students purchase one of its Apple-a-Day combos, part of an effort to encourage students to eat healthier.

The Apple-a-Day combo changes weekly, but always consists of fruit, a healthy snack such as yogurt or a nutrigrain bar, and either water or juice. […]

SFB establishes new conference request policy

October 19, 2005 Kaitlin Severini 0

At last Wednesday’s meeting, the Student Finance Board (SFB) established a new conference request policy: funding $50 per person for each conference request.

The policy was made as a result of tabled motions from last week regarding the funding of a National Black Association of Student Accountants (NABA) conference. […]

Proposal might make voting ‘members only’

October 19, 2005 Scott Kieffer 0

At the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting last Wednesday, Dan Beckelman, senator at-Large, said SGA is considering a reform that will take away students’ right to vote at SGA committee meetings.

Also at the meeting, Kevin Kelly, vice president of Legal and Governmental Affairs, proposed seeking an apology from the office of Auxiliary Services for SGA’s exclusion from the Sodexho contract negotiation process that occurred this past summer. […]

Cop Shop

October 19, 2005 Katelyn McCormick 0

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 2:20 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the third floor of Travers Hall on a report of an intoxicated person.

Upon arrival, an officer found a male student sitting on the floor of the men’s bathroom.

The student, who appeared “dazed and confused,” delivered slurred and unintelligible answers when questioned. […]

MLUC joins with School of Culture and Society

October 19, 2005 Laura Hargreaves 0

The Municipal Land Use Center (MLUC), which provides technical assistance and facilitates access to state, federal and non-governmental resources, has officially begun working with the School of Culture and Society, according to Susan Albertine, dean of the School of Culture and Society. […]

Minority Mentoring opens doors to all backgrounds

October 19, 2005 Michelle Guerin 0

Last year, the newly founded Center for Academic Success (CAS), opened up one of its programs to all students at the College. What was originally the Minority Mentoring Program (MMP) became the Student Mentoring and Leadership Program (SML), welcoming students from any background. […]

Country Club residents-Who you gonna call? Not Campus Police

October 19, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

Despite the fact that the Country Club Apartments are part of College housing, Ewing Police and the Trenton State College Corporation (TSC), not Campus Police, are assigned to handling problems there.

While Country Club residents have been told this, confusion often arises in times of problems or emergencies. […]

Organizations join forces at Caucus

October 19, 2005 Tracy Severino 0

Many campus organizations gathered at Brower Student Center Oct. 15 to attend the first ever Caucus at the College. Sponsored by the Black Student Union (BSU), the Caucus hosted over 20 ethnic clubs who came together to promote unity and diversity.

Coordinated by Kamaria Byrd, BSU vice president of Resource Development, the Caucus was a daylong event complete with host speakers, workshops and panel discussions designed to increase knowledge and understanding of unity and diversity. […]

College receives grant to develop Down syndrome program

October 19, 2005 Elissa Mannion 0

The College and Mercer County Community College (MCCC) were each recently awarded $50,000 grants from the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS).

As part of the three-year grant, the College will help develop a program for students ages 18 to 25 with cognitive disabilities and/or Down syndrome so that they can “participate in post-secondary education (where they) are more likely to excel in academics, employment and life,” according to an NDSS press release. […]

College launches revamped Web site

October 19, 2005 Kathleen Reilly 0

On Oct. 7, the ongoing collaboration of College and Community Relations (CCR), Information Technology (IT) and students of the College to revamp the school’s Web site was revealed.

A main focus for CCR is keeping the College connected with its students, faculty, staff and outside surroundings and acting as a predominant outlet for such communication is through the College’s homepage. […]

As costs increase, College looks to conserve energy

October 19, 2005 Jake Remaly 0

Rising energy costs have the College striving to conserve energy in the coming winter months, Lori Winyard, director of the office of Energy and Central Utilities, said.

“The College’s annual energy budget was submitted earlier this year, while energy prices were much lower,” Winyard said. […]

Sexual assault reports rise

October 19, 2005 Sean Marotta 0

In its most recent Campus Security report, the College disclosed 17 forcible sexual assaults in 2004, close to double the nine reported for 2003. That nine was more than four times the number reported in 2002. The increase, College officials say, is actually a good thing. […]

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