May 29, 2020

Alumna honored for adding flair to Food Court

January 26, 2005 Kimberly Gray 0

Adding color and an artsy visual with a culinary theme to the Brower Student Center Food Court, Kim Lettorale, a 2004 graduate of the College, was honored on Jan. 18 with the dedication of the fa?ade she designed for the Food Court.

The project was completed as a component of assistant professor of art Fanky Chak’s graphic design practicum, given as a four-week assignment to the senior class. […]

Why’d it have to happen on a weekend?

January 26, 2005 Matthew K. Fair 0

By 10 a.m. Saturday morning, snow had begun falling on the greater Trenton region. In the course of the next 24 hours, between 13 and 16 inches of snow blanketed the College campus as two separate storms, the first significant ones of the season, pummeled the area. […]

‘Halo 2’ proves that video gamse aren’t just for kids

January 26, 2005 Ben Leach 0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, you know that “Halo” is much more than what’s hanging from the corner of Sugar Ray’s four-post bed. “Halo,” Microsoft’s most successful video game available for X-Box, is a first-person-shooter with incredible graphics, fast-paced action, a movie-quality storyline and a multi-player mode that has redefined what it means to have a multi-player mode in a game. […]

Spring may be near, but winter fashions are still here

January 26, 2005 Daniela Flores 0

As much as the College’s students may be ready for spring, this past weekend’s weather was a reminder that winter has a couple months of life left in it. And while many stores have already started to put out their spring fashion lines, there’s still plenty of time to keep wearing your favorite winter trends and even pick up on some new ones. […]

Shape up your time and space for the new semester

January 26, 2005 Becky Barrett 0

Any dorm-dwellers serious about rearranging their rooms could speak to one of the College’s engineering majors. Freshman mechanical engineering major Randy Reali reorganized his 13- x 13.5- foot Wolfe Hall dorm using ProEngineer, a computer program that came with one of his engineering books. […]

She likes hers with lettuce, tomato … and six pounds of meat

January 26, 2005 Tammy Tibbetts 0

Who knew downing a six-pound hamburger in just under three hours could be someone’s claim to fame? Kate Stelnick, freshman early education major, certainly never dreamed it would be hers.

Weighing in at only 115 pounds, Stelnick showed just how deceiving appearances can be when she was the first person to ever win a Pennsylvania pub’s long-standing challenge to eat a six-pound burger topped with five pounds of fixings. […]

Sequel proves that three fockers are funnier than one

January 26, 2005 Monique Reuben 5

If you have yet to hit the theaters to see the highly anticipated and hilarious comedy “Meet the Fockers,” you’re denying yourself quality entertainment. The film is the sequel to the 2000 blockbuster “Meet the Parents.” Although it has been four years since the introduction of the laughable and lovable characters known as the Fockers and the Byrnes, this film proves the wait was definitely worthwhile. […]

Superb directing unlocks door to mad millionaire’s epic life

January 26, 2005 Tom Dunford 0

He stands in the men’s room, motionless, petrified by fear. The last towel has been used and the doorknob must be turned for him to make his exit. Yet, he cannot do this. Everything in the room is filthy and covered in germs.

In this small scene from Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator,” we see the Howard Hughes we know from tabloid covers, the mad millionaire who locked himself in a tower above the Las Vegas strip, wearing tissue box shoes to cover his uncut toenails. […]

Students brave elements for vacation over the border

January 26, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Two days into the new year, 150 students and friends piled into charter buses and departed for a five-day Canadian ski adventure. Over 15 hours later, they arrived at their destination – the famed ski resort Mont Tremblant.

Located in the French-Canadian province of Quebec, Tremblant has long been a vacation spot for the ski or snowboard enthusiast. […]

Headlining punk band heats up snowy weekend

January 26, 2005 Paige Nestel 0

Welcome Back Weekend got off to a rocking start last Friday with the help of a punk rock show sponsored by the College Union Board (CUB) and WTSR, the College radio station.

The concert, held before a nearly sold-out crowd in Kendall Hall, featured Matchbook Romance as the headliner along with opening sets from Raleigh St. […]

Bush: Seek unity

January 26, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

With all the pomp and pageantry to be expected of such an event, President George W. Bush was heralded into a second term last Thursday, commanding what he seems to think amounts to a resurrection of Richard Nixon’s ‘great silent majority.’ However, in this time of celebrating what Bush termed “the durable wisdom of our Constitution,” we urge the president to realize the great abyss of unrest the nation stands before. […]

Can we get a day off?

January 26, 2005 Signal Editorial Staff 0

Four years of experience has led us to one very important conclusion: The College will stop at nothing to rob us of our coveted “days off.”

As if it wasn’t travesty enough packing the bookbags and dragging ourselves to class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – a day which, for all intents and purposes, should be spent reflecting and remembering – this Monday all plans for a snow day were thoroughly foiled. […]

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