All rights of man originate with a higher power

October 6, 2004 Matt Esposito 0

In this country our discussions on political philosophy often come down to the subject of rights. Statements referring to rights of speech and expression dominate the periods of protest.

Abortion rights direct many feminist forums while marriage rights are debated in pro-gay circles. […]

Proof of God can be found in core rational arguments

October 6, 2004 Todd Carter 0

It seems to me that in my last article on prayer, I was doing things a bit backwards.

In it, I made the claim that prayer is useful and it helps you live life well. I still believe this is true.

However, I did not go deep enough because I did not say what I actually believe prayer is: a deep communion with God. […]

Beyond Narnia — C.S. Lewis was a theological guide

October 6, 2004 Mike McCaffrey 0

I like to read. I suppose this is why I enjoy being a history major so much. At the start of college, when I discovered that I could make a productive four years out of reading and writing (with a few math courses slipped in at community college over the summer), I could not have been happier. […]

Under siege — Signal overrun with groundless propaganda

October 6, 2004 Zac Goldstein 0

As those involved in journalism are fond of pointing out, Thomas Jefferson once wrote “our liberty depends on the freedom of the press.”

Jefferson also wrote “error of opinion may be tolerated when reason is free to combat it.” Sadly, today’s press provides much of the error and little of the reason. […]

Students at the College likely to have ‘hooked up’

October 6, 2004 David Rout 0

Sipping their morning coffee and flipping through Newsweek, parents around the country are gasping at the revelation of the ‘hook-up.’

“One-time sexual encounters, and not even a phone call?” they’ll say, crossing the College off their younger children’s list of college options. […]

Meet the candidates

October 6, 2004 Bryan Wassell 0

The College is currently considering three candidates for the position of vice-president for Facilities Management, Construction and Campus Safety. Once hired, the chosen will be heavily involved with all construction, currently occurring and planned, on campus. […]

College’s political organizations discuss election issues

October 6, 2004 Meghan Bermudez 0

Gay marriage and the war in Iraq were the hot topics at a political forum sponsored by Uni?n Latina (UL) in the Travers and Wolfe Main Lounge Monday night. Other topics of discussion included immigration, education and the economy.

Members of the College Democrats, Republicans and the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA), along with the audience, remained calm as the forum began by debating the issues of immigration and education. […]

John Stafford to present at Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers conference

October 6, 2004 Becky Barrett 0

John Stafford, director of Residential and Community Development, was selected to present on budgeting, strategic planning and chief housing operator skills before 350 collegiate housing staff members at a conference for the Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers (MACUHO), an organization that advises institutions on residence and dining hall issues. […]

College and Ewing township prepare for Parade Fest

October 6, 2004 Jenna Lerro 0

While sororities, fraternities and clubs at the College practice with their powder puff teams, prepare their dance routines and organize their homecoming traditions, the Sesquicentennial Committee, in conjunction with Ewing Township, is culminating its final efforts to reinstate an old homecoming tradition – Parade Fest – to be held Oct. 16. […]

SFB: Inter-Greek Council funded for Alcohol Summit

October 6, 2004 Sean Marotta 0

After the Student Finance Board (SFB) deadlocked in its vote on the Inter-Greek Council’s (IGC) request for $2,810 to help fund its Alcohol Summit, Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, cast the deciding vote in favor of funding.

The request was presented by Kelly Dallavalle, IGC treasurer. […]

Cop Shop

October 6, 2004 Raj Rajaraman 0

On Sept. 11, at 12:10 a.m., an officer observed two males moving objects inside a trunk of a parked 2001 Saturn. The officer parked perpendicular to the car and saw a 30-pack and a 12-pack of Coors Light being placed into a book bag.

When one of the individuals started wearing the bag, the officer asked the students what was in the bag. […]

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