Lecture brings Hogwarts magic to the College

October 13, 2004 Sean Curry 0

What college student’s bookshelf is complete without a copy of one or more of the Harry Potter books? Ask any student at the College – if a student doesn’t already own a copy of at least one of the books, he or she has probably read at least one if not more. […]

Ehrenreich on poverty, activism and politics

October 13, 2004 Kristina Fiore 0

Barbara Ehrenreich appeals to college students. She opens her Community Learning Day keynote address with remarks about underage drinking.

“Make it legal,” she insists in a common-sense tone that is condescending to policy makers.

Students cheer to that. […]

‘Ladder 49’ showcases everyday heroism of firemen

October 13, 2004 Donna Green 0

While there are many action films that focus on the impossible quests of a perfect hero, there are very few films that focus on the heroics of everyday men. “Ladder 49” is one of these few: the film tells the story of firemen, a group that is all too often left out of the headlines. […]

Zombie flick spoofs horror genre conventions

October 13, 2004 Tom Dunford 0

“Shaun of the Dead” is a movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome – which is good, because it is doubtful that the film’s premise could sustain one more second over its 99-minute running time.

The movie stars Simon Pegg, who also co-wrote the screenplay, as Shaun, an underachieving Brit who may just be the most oblivious person ever to have lived. […]

ACT brings behind-the-scenes antics centerstage

October 13, 2004 Katelyn McCormick 0

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at the theater? Well, here is your chance to find out: from Oct. 12 to 16 the All College Theater (ACT) is performing James Sherman’s comedy, “Magic Time” in the Don Evans Theater, formerly the Kendall Hall Black Box. […]

Richman’s intimate performance wins over crowd

October 13, 2004 Audrey Levine 0

Adam Richman walked to the microphone and looked out over the crowd. He began strumming his guitar as people noticed him quietly standing on stage.

“I’m gonna play some music now,” he said, opening his Oct. 8 performance at the Rat. “I hope that’s okay. […]

Women’s tennis captures 22nd straight NJAC title

October 6, 2004 Megan Yesinko 0

Winning streaks happen with considerable frequency in athletics. However, the women’s tennis team is in the middle of a streak spanning over 20 years, and their most recent win awarded the team their 22nd consecutive New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) title this Saturday. […]

Field hockey suffers first NJAC loss to Profs

October 6, 2004 Perian Doko 0

The Lions field hockey team suffered their first loss since the beginning of the season on Saturday to the Profs of Rowan University, 2-1. The College, ranked 10th in the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) Division III National Coaches poll this week, is now 5-3, snapping a five-game winning streak. […]

Rowan rivalry has short but intense history

October 6, 2004 Kristen Zimmerman 0

Boo Rowan! Everyone has screamed it during at least one game between Rowan University and the College and some have even emblazoned the backs of their T-shirts with the catch phrase. The College’s athletic rivalry with Rowan University may be one of the strongest and most widespread on campus. […]

Men’s soccer fails to score, again

October 6, 2004 Scott Miccio 0

For the third straight week, the College’s men’s soccer team was held scoreless in two straight games. This week, however, the team paid dearly as it suffered two defeats, a 2-0 loss to Rowan University and a 1-0 loss to Rutgers University-Camden.

Although, two weeks ago the Lions were able to get by with two scoreless ties, their luck ran out last week against the two New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) opponents. […]

Football loses to rival despite strong first half

October 6, 2004 Kristina Cossaboon 0

Everyone was hoping for a repeat of last year’s football game between the College and Rowan University on Friday night.

The scene looked quite similar – with parking lots full of tailgaters, extremely long lines at the ticket booth and a packed stadium complete with screaming fans, confetti and five guys painted blue with the yellow letters L-I-O-N-S on their chests. […]

Nonproliferation Treaty fails to address Iranian threat

October 6, 2004 Andrew Sarrol 0

Both Sen. John Kerry and President George W. Bush stated in their debate on international affairs that nuclear proliferation is the single greatest threat to American security.

If nuclear weapons ever become accessible to terrorists or to rogue states that support terrorist activities, then the world may very well return to a situation similar to that in the Cold War. […]

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