Religious influence cannot be removed from human existence

October 13, 2004 Todd Carter 0

I have heard people say that belief in God is fine and well enough, but that we have no proof of anything beyond religion’s claims to know truth. Therefore we should not bother exploring any of them because of their conflicts and hypocrisies.

I respond that not only do I believe that we can come to know truth but that religion itself is a necessary part of being human. […]

If God can be right all the time, why can’t Hitler?

October 13, 2004 Joe Susnick 0

Last week in The Signal, three articles attempted to use logic to prove the existence of God. All three used unfounded, self-righteous Socratic banter in attempts to proselytize their readers.

Using the logic of these would-be theists, I was able to construct my own argument on the possibility that Hitler may have been justified in envisioning a master race. […]

Psychology chair featured in Newsweek

October 13, 2004 Jenna Lerro 0

National correspondent Daniel McGinn featured the research of the College�s Elizabeth Paul, associate professor and chair of the psychology department, in his Oct. 4 Newsweek article addressing student sexual experiences. The article focused on the growing trend of �hooking up� on college campuses and the long term effects it can have on students. […]

SFB: BSU to bring Step Africa to campus

October 13, 2004 Sean Marotta 0

The Student Finance Board (SFB) unanimously approved $5,094 request from the Black Student Union (BSU) to bring African dance troupe Step Africa to the College at last week�s meeting.

BSU wanted to bring Step Africa to the College instead of holding its annual Cultural Day, which would feature more events. […]

SGA: Pilot program to reach out to on-campus students

October 13, 2004 Jasmine Overton 0

In an attempt to increase communication between the student body and Student Government Association (SGA), Lauren LeBano, vice president of Academic Affairs, introduced a pilot program at last week�s SGA meeting designed to reach out to students in the residence halls and hear their concerns. […]

College releases new crime data

October 13, 2004 Tammy Tibbetts 0

To colleges and universities nationwide, image is everything. However, Howard Robboy, assistant professor of sociology, knows that college campuses aren’t as picture perfect as they appear in their view books and he’s speaking out about it.

Since he learned that colleges often try to conceal incidents of rape and sexual assault about five years ago, Robboy has dedicated himself to bringing these crimes to light across America. […]

Students with ‘fall only’ housing must move

October 13, 2004 Joanna Holguin 0

Some students at the College who were originally scheduled to move into the new Apartments in Spring 2005 have recently received e-mails informing them that their room assignments will expire at the end of the Fall 2004 semester.

Prior to the spring semester, these students must either move to another room that is available on campus or move off campus. […]

SGA holds fall elections amidst technical turmoil

October 13, 2004 Brigid Mara 0

The Student Government Association (SGA) managed to recover from technical problems that brought back memories of the botched 2000 presidential election, successfully holding their own fall elections last week, and the results are in.

Lee Whitesell and Marco Zelaya were elected senators of culture and society, Jonathan Cherng and Ravi Kaneriya for senators-at-large, and Giancarlo Giametta for freshman class vice president. […]

Same-sex couples say ‘I do’ in support of gay rights

October 13, 2004 Tom Dunford 0

The presidential candidates debated the issue of gay marriage in Cleveland, students assembled in the Social Sciences Building atrium Wednesday afternoon to bear witness to the mock marriages of four same-sex couples.

The event, held for the second time at the College, was organized by the Gay Union of Trenton State at The College of New Jersey (GUTS) with the intention of increasing understanding of same-sex marriage. […]

Students struck with information at

October 13, 2004 Paige Nestel 0

Are you tired of self-congratulatory press releases and countdown clocks from the College? Are you a freshman who wants to be down with the College lingo? Need a cure for that vicious hangover? Looking for the perfect online game to keep you from starting a huge project or paper?

If so, you aren’t alone. […]

50 years later — Brown decision continues to inspire

October 13, 2004 Kristen Evans 0

Examining the history of the breakthrough Brown v. Board of Education case, last Thursday’s lecture on “The Historical Context of the Brown Decisions” proved to be thought-provoking and eye-opening for many students.

The lecture was part of a series of events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decision. […]

Students living off campus play house

October 13, 2004 Daniela Flores 0

For most students at the College, the most important day of spring is the day the housing lottery information is posted. As students take a look at the list, they have mixed reactions. The freshmen have it pretty easy, because if they get numbers between 555 and 612, they still know they will be living on campus, even if it will be in the worst residence halls. […]

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