June 4, 2020

More than meets the eye to lurid graffiti on campus

October 20, 2004 Andrew Sarrol 0

Last Wednesday I was sitting in one of the booths of the Brower Student Center dining area when I noticed an interesting statement scrawled on the table. It said “(name of student) eats DICK.”

I’m not sure if this particular defacement of property was written recently or if it had been there for years and I just never noticed. […]

Philadelphia Human Rights Committee speaks about sexually-oriented discrimination

October 20, 2004 Kelly Conway 1

Four of the most highly advocated issues within the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) community: cessation of marital, medical, professional and sexually-oriented discrimination, were discussed in depth last Wednesday when two representatives from the Philadelphia Region Steering Committee of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Patti DeBow, co-chair of Campus Outreach, and Jeff Rudnick, co-chair of the Political Action Committee, came to the College. […]

Student employees frustrated by payroll problems

October 20, 2004 Eric Latzer 0

Many student employees at the College have yet to see a paycheck compensating them for their work. Whether their employers, the computer system used, or the office of Career Services is to blame remains an issue.

Typical procedure for a student acquiring an on-campus job has not changed. […]

College saddened by chemistry, history professors’ deaths

October 20, 2004 Kaylie Nelson 0

The campus community was saddened this month to learn of the deaths of two recently retired professors, Paul Cohen of the chemistry department and Joseph Ellis of the history department.

Cohen died on Oct. 4 and Ellis died on Oct. 5.

The news of Cohen’s death was particularly shocking for his former students, who did not receive a notification of death in their campus e-mail boxes. […]

Parade Fest replaces Community Fest for 150-year celebration

October 20, 2004 Matt Stambaugh 0

This year’s Homecoming celebration showed a determined effort to make the College’s 150th anniversary a memorable one, as a parade and numerous family-oriented activities involving both the College and the Township of Ewing were scheduled for Oct. 16. Parade Fest 2004 was a change from the past four years, when Community Fest was held to involve off-campus businesses and groups. […]

Pilot program lets students voice concerns outside of SGA meetings

October 20, 2004 Brigid Mara 0

Spurred by lagging attendance at Student Government Association (SGA) meetings, SGA has begun a pilot program involving members of SGA visiting students in their residence halls and at Brower Student Center to ask them about any concerns they may have.

Lauren LeBano, vice president of Academic Affairs, which is heading the pilot program, thinks it is important to “get out and talk to more people besides the time when (they’re) trying to get elected. […]

SGA: PrintSense would limit student printing in labs

October 20, 2004 Ben Leach 0

It was unexpectedly announced at last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting that the College would be implementing PrintSense next year, a new policy that is designed to alleviate printer abuse but may impact many students on and off campus financially. […]

Cop Shop

October 20, 2004 Raj Rajaraman 0

On Thursday, Sept. 23, Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on reports of fireworks being lit and thrown out a room window. While monitoring the building, the officers saw fireworks being thrown out the window at 12:40 a.m. and 1:10 a.m. The officers determined which window the fireworks were being thrown out of and went up to the room. […]

Coalition to attempt SGA reform

October 20, 2004 Jenna Lerro 0

Now that the presidential debates have concluded and the 2004 election is continuing to heat up, the College has found itself in a controversial political situation of its own. Within the Student Government Association (SGA), a so-called coalition of some of its members, concerned about student governance on campus, has been established. […]

College prepares for flu vaccine shortage

October 20, 2004 Michelle Riley 0

The sudden suspension of Chiron Corporations, one of the largest distributors of the flu vaccine, has caused many students at the College to have trouble accessing the flu shot. With only about 300 doses, Health Services at the College can guarantee the flu shot only to those who fall into the “high risk” category. […]

Online dating service matches users by musical tastes

October 20, 2004 Monique Reuben 0

It’s Saturday night and your roommate has a big date. You, however, remain confined in your stuffy room. “Why don’t I have a date?” you wonder. Maybe it is because you have yet to experience gorillapop.com, a new online dating service that matches individuals based on their musical preferences. […]

Local candidates prepare for Township Council elections

October 20, 2004 Bryan Wassel 0

In addition to being Election Day for the presidential race, Nov. 2 also marks the election for the Ewing Township Council. The current Democratic majority seeks to hold onto its position, while the Republicans, who held only one seat last year, seek to become the majority in the council for the first time in a decade. […]

Campaign ’04: The Final Days–Commentary

October 20, 2004 Matthew K. Fair 0

I find it difficult to grasp the fact that, like any other day, Nov. 2 will come and go and that this vicious campaign for the presidency will actually end. It seems as if we have been living with it forever, watching it, breathing quick and biting our nails. […]

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