Students observe a moment of silence for the missing and murdered women of Juarez at AI’s candlelight vigil on Monday

Paris-born Louise Bourgeois’ anthropomorphic work “Eyes” is a large marble sculpture that shows the persistence of Surrealist ideals in her late work. Bourgeois’s work is characterized by an idiosyncratic style infused with sexual allusions.

According to art historians, the eye, a recurring motif in Surrealism, served as both a symbol for the act of perception and as an allusion to female sexual anatomy. Atop the marble block chiseled in various places to resemble a house (a recurring theme in her work) are two highly polished round balls with a carved circular opening at each center. As a unit they suggest a bold abstract head, a female torso or the symbolic marriage of woman to home and family.

“Eyes” is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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