Letter to the Editor: History professor against curriculum changes

I support Dr. Hiack and Professor Ochoa of the Physics Department in their serious questions as to the need for the alleged value of the new so-called transformative curriculum.

As the senior American historian here and now completing my 76th semester at the College, I see no need to fix what is not broken. The College’s curricula are part of what has made the College so successful for these many decades. I see the changes proposed as a change for changes’ sake and for public relations purposes.

Teacher education majors in every academic department will suffer. Already education majors are criticized by the media for not having enough content background. These changes will lessen that content by about 20 percent. I also fear that for too many professors are in favor of the change so they can have more time for their own research and less time to meet students.

I see students getting gypped by the College. The College changed its name underhandedly some years ago and is now pulling another fast one on students, taxpayers and the general public. Worst of all, United States history is getting the short end of the stick in the new curriculum.

Professor Joseph V. Ellis

Professor of History

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