Don’t knock the gloved one

February 25, 2003 Casie Wexler 0

Everyone is talking about Michael Jackson these days. We are about to go to war with Iraq, yet the covers of the newspapers feature Jackson’s antics and “Joe Millionaire” sweetheart, Zora on a regular basis. If the King of Pop is the talk of the town, what is stopping me from giving into the temptation, as well? Absolutely nothing. […]

Chilling out – soothing songs for the mellow moonlight

February 25, 2003 Dan Brady 0

So you’ve just gotten back from a party or the bar, it’s 3 a.m., you’re drunk, you’re cooking old hot dogs on your Foreman Grill because there’s nothing else to eat and you’re still feeling the buzz from the action of the night. It’s time to come down and, as everyone knows, you’ve got to have good music to come down to. […]

Folk tale story time made for intimate atmosphere

February 25, 2003 Rebecca Vivsader 0

Whether it was story hour at the local library, naptime at school or bedtime, almost every child relished in imaginative fairy tales. Students revisited these fond times when Joe Dudis, professional storyteller, came to the College.

“Folktales from Around the World,” held in Cromwell Hall main lounge, was an intimate one since the audience was a small gathering of only seven students. […]

Letter to the Editor: No stapler for him

February 25, 2003 Signal Editorial Staff 0

To the Editor,

Picture this scenario:Brower Student Center 9:27 a.m. Ahhh, i just finished printing out my 1000 word paper on the education budget. Pure perfection. Surely this will impress even the most learned professor. And since it\’s the first grade for the class, i put extra lovin\’ into this otherwise stale topic. […]

Stop damning the man

February 25, 2003 Signal Editorial Staff 0

To the Editor,

With the prospect of war close at hand, I’ve been hearing a lot of people voicing their opinion on it. While I’m not for war and the loss of innocent life, I’m tired of the anti-war sentiment and the hippy logic behind it. I’m tired of hearing that the war is for oil and money, and that Bush is some lunatic cowboy. […]

Easy doesn’t it

February 25, 2003 Jeanine Skowronski 0

Life is hard. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Life gives you lemons. Life is wasted on the living. Don’t take life seriously, because you can’t get out of it alive.

Fine, good. Life sucks. I get it. I accept it. No big deal. What really infuriates me is the fact that things (people, technology, entities, etc. […]

Students nominated for Blue Key

February 18, 2003 Kelly Meisberger 0

The Blue Key Honor Society, a national honor fraternity of students, faculty and administrators who have shown excellence in academics, leadership and community involvement, was founded at the College in May 1976.

Jillian Custodio, senior psychology major and the president of Blue Key, said the society “does a great thing in recognizing people for their accomplishments. […]

Speaker reveals new World Trade Center plans

February 18, 2003 Kimmie Mangini 0

A multimedia forum held on Feb. 11 explained the specifics behind New York City’s rejection of the six plans initially drafted for the World Trade Center site.

According to William Ball, professor of political science who conducted the forum, two new designs have been added and are being accepted with a more encouraging reception. […]

WTSR waves good-bye to engineer, looks for replacement

February 18, 2003 Matthew K. Fair 0

The position of engineer at WTSR, left vacant by the retirement of Robert Maarberg, is in danger of remaining vacant under the hiring freeze enacted by the College under Gov. James McGreevey’s proposed budget cuts.

Maarberg, who left the position at the end of last year, is now a consultant with the communication studies department and is on campus only two days a week. […]

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